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  1. mickjordan

    mickjordan Well-Known Member

    Are there torque settings available for all the various bolts on the Silvio?

    I had an interesting experience today that suggests that my boom clamp isn't tight enough, although I thought it was (tightened by hand).

    I was doing a spin session with a short segment where you stand on a DF bike. On the Bacchetta I just used to increase my cadence, but I tried pulling on the bars on the Silvio and getting partly out of the seat. All fine but afterwards the front derailleur shifting was all messed up. My assumption is that I moved the boom with the pulling and tightened the cable. This would be annoying on the road!

  2. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    Mark position with tape

    It may be initial cable stretch and settling, or it may be movement at the boom clamp. Put some tape to record the position and keep an eye out for it gapping.
  3. mickjordan

    mickjordan Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure it was boom clamp movement because it was immediate; after pulling, when I tried to shift down to the middle ring, no joy.

    Still interested in torque settings though, e.g. for the chainstay bolts/boom clamp.

  4. Doug Burton

    Doug Burton Zen MBB Master

    Torque Settings...

    ...are determined by fastener characteristics.

    This chart is very useful, in inch-lbs or NM:

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