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  1. Ivan

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    My Silvio did her first century (160km) yesterday, and it was my first solo-century too as it was a training ride for a separate group event one week from now where I will do 200km. The event will be in the mid-day tropical sun, so I did my own century in this heat too. Acck... went up to 38 C (100F) but was typically around 33 C (91 F). Took it easy as a training ride, testing out of my eating and equipment. I tried additional lumbar support, but ditched that in the first half hour. 6 hours moving time, not including stopping for equipment adjustment, toilet breaks, and water refills.


    First part of eating test, was Allen Lim's rice cake recipe which I made the night before - turned out delicious! Much nicer than my muesli bars as the savoury bacon went very well with my orange Gatorade!


    So it all went well. This morning (the next day), I put my panniers on Silvio as I am going on a retreat with colleagues. Took a very easy 1 hr recovery ride to work. Don't you love our bikes?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Good job Ivan! Looks like a

    Good job Ivan! Looks like a fun route too.

  3. KiwiGuy

    KiwiGuy Well-Known Member

    Well done Ivan

    Nice ride Ivan. Well done.

    The rice cake looks good. Any chance of the recipe?

    Kind regards...
  4. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Ivan, your century barely fit

    Ivan, your century barely fit in the island! Congratulations. I hope to try a century someday, but not in 90+ degree heat!
  5. low wong

    low wong Member

    Congratulations? Covered

    Congratulations? Covered whole island. Bravo!
  6. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

  7. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    Nice one Ivan.  In that

    Nice one Ivan. In that heat. Horrible.

    PS your mudguards are something else.
  8. KiwiGuy

    KiwiGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ivan

    Terrific. Thanks for the link to the recipe Ivan.

    I only use some form of nutrition on my weekly long ride (Saturday morning) and for events. All other rides I do fasted.

    I'm getting sick of Perpetuem for those long rides, so this rice cake recipe will make a nice change.

    Ivan, you're starting to get some nice long rides in on a regular basis. A mate of mine spent several years in Singapore and used to go across to Malaysia for his longer rides. Have you ventured that fare afield as yet??

    Kind regards...
  9. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    I have not yet gone up into

    I have not yet gone up into Malaysia yet. Hoping to do that in a short tour or a long solo overnight ride soon!

    On Sunday I completed the event I was training for. Ending being exactly 100 miles again, so that's 2 centuries a week apart now. Unfortunately, I had my first fall on Silvio. Sniff... There was lots of gravel on the side of the road and my rear wheel slipped in it just 4km before the end. I went down on my right hand side, thankfully not at full speed as I was accelerating from a traffic light. Nursing moderate road rash mostly on my right hip. Nothing worse.

    Silvio had had minor/moderate scratches one the seat and near the axle of the rear wheel. Also a torn shifter hood which I need to replace. A black marker pen on the brake levers and some nail varnish on the seat made the scratches disappear. Black bikes are so much easier to touch up!
  10. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    Ouch! Wish you quick recovery

    Ouch! Wish you quick recovery Ivan!
  11. mauler

    mauler Active Member

    Quick recovery, Ivan!
    If only

    Quick recovery, Ivan!

    If only the Bike Rally isn't on a Sunday!
  12. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Bloodied in the of thick

    Bloodied in the of thick battle! Both you and the bike. Now get back on your steed and go kick some more butt! Especially now that you are past the " man, I don't want to scratch up/damage my new bike " stage. Now you can be fearless! [​IMG]

    I did something similar on my first century at the 2013 Bike Sebring but with a lot less damage when I slid to a stop on the Quest on a gritty/sandy spot of the road, befuddled by the end timing gate not being where I thought it was going to be and promptly falling over like Artie Johnson.

    Good job on your century, congrats. The course looks very similar to your training ride. Do you have to deal with a lot of stops for traffic lights and such?


  13. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Thanks guys! Yes,

    Thanks guys! Yes, unfortunately all riding in Singapore has a lot of traffic lights. The good thing though about our surroundings is that there are gas/petrol stations everywhere so it's easy to refuel and have a toilet break on any ride! :)

    Yup, I am past the "don't scratch the bike" stage now! Was really ginger with the panniers just earlier in the week!

    After 2 rounds of painful changing of dressings and washing wounds (I'm a wimp when it comes to pain), I have discovered the joys of Tegaderm. Decided to google how people treat road rash and this "new" type of dressing is the bees knees! From 3M, expensive at over a dollar for a single large sheet, but I only needed 2 and the best part is you don't change it for days!! Cool stuff. Natural moisture from the wound, no itchy scab formation from the old healing style of gauze and keeping wound dry. This will definitely go into my first-aid for bike touring kit. Wash wound, stick on Tegaderm, keep cycling. But since I'm home and not on tour, I am resting for a few days! :)
  14. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    It's real easy to find

    It's real easy to find yourself in the organizer's gallery when you ride a recumbent! Sure way of getting yourself in then published pics too! Here is what the photographer snapped of me on this last century. This looks much better than when I was sliding on gravel!


  15. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    foot, knee, hand and shoulder

    Great photo - you look good!

    See how in the second photo your left foot, knee, hand and shoulder make a line?

  16. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Thanks John, good looking

    Thanks John, good looking bike eh? Hats off to the my wheel decals are in sync too! Ha ha!

    Seriously, I am thinking that one side being "in line" like what you described is a good thing from a biomechanical standpoint, because in that position, the pulling on the handlebar (hands to shoulder) lines up with direction of maximum force on the pedal. I really like this position which I saw early on in Maria's pics on her Vendetta, which is why I was trying to replicate this setup on my Silvio 2. This alignment requires therefore a high BB / low handlebars but I notice that most Silvio builds are having a much lower BB than mine. So are your thoughts simiar in pointing out the alignment of my foot, knee, hand and shoulder?
  17. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    Very nice photo! Looks Powerful and fast!

    You really look good on that bike Ivan. That photo looks like you are screaming fast!
  18. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    Yes you are on the hoods

    Yes you are on the hoods their Ivan, if you were on the drops you would get the alignment with a 100mm extension, or maybe 50.

    If you feel good, you'll ride good.
  19. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    He's clearly whistling

    He's clearly whistling in that photo [​IMG]; so he must be feeling good.
  20. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Looks more like he is saying,

    Looks more like he is saying, "Eat my dust, suckers!"



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