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Discussion in 'Conversion Kit' started by chrisblessing, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    After finally procuring a 135 mm fork from Raptobike I was able to have a front-facing fork, be rid of the fork adapters and mount a disc brake.

    As a folder the most difficult issue was always the "unfold" at my destination as I struggled to get the front wheel properly seated and the rim brakes adjusted. Now it just pops right in.

    Although a bit of a high-rider the bike handles very well both at slow and fast speeds. It's easy to ride, turns a tight circle and is comfortable.

    Next step is under-seat storage for my next journey.

  2. McWheels

    McWheels Well-Known Member

    Good effort. I was wondering if your legs had to scrape past the edges of the seat pan on the way to the pedals?
    Could put a hub dynamo on the rear too.
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  3. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    I love what you've done with this bike!
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  4. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    I thought Arnold and Raptobike went kaput. Are they back in business or did you source a Raptobike fork from somewhere else?

  5. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    Very clever.
  6. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    It looks like the seat base could be moved backwards, and the seat back decreased with aQuest type seat connection, so the BB could be raised, IF the front wheel loading is not decreased to less than 45% of the total!

    Great modification, and NO derailleur maintenance for wet riding, OR having a rear derailleur only 1" from the road in certain gears!
  7. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    I like the Rohloff on my Grasshopper. The only thing I do not like about the Silvio is the Disraeli gears.
  8. McWheels

    McWheels Well-Known Member

    I like an IGH, but I'm trying to decide if it's too inefficient (SA-8sp). Having said that almost no one but the fastest lycra roadies go past me. My choices are
    (a) I'm awesome,
    (b) There's more advantage to my heavy IGH recumbent than I give it credit for
    (c) The locals aren't prepared to try hard enough, especially into the wind

    That's a Nu-vinci and Effneo isn't it? I bet you go well on it.
  9. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    Why do you think the UCI banned beans?
  10. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    No scraping. I can feel it but haven't had any issues. I've considered a dynamo but as yet haven't the need.
  11. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    I tried ordering the fork from their website and had no end of problems completing the transaction. It turned out that the the payment component wasn't connected to anything. I eventually learned of a Raptobike dealer in the UK who put me in touch with Arnold, who allowed a Paypal payment. The site looks active but I really don't know if they're in business.
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  12. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    I have the seat pretty much as far back as it can go without hitting the frame-folding hinge. However, I can and do recline the seat further when on a longer ride, and can indeed raise the bottom bracket.
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  13. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    It's a NuVinci and Patterson Transmission Crankset (aka Patterson-Metropolis). 2 speed, 32t/50t. I've been using both for 4 years and have zero issues. I'm not a fast rider, and I wouldn't call it a fast bike, but I built it for touring here in SE Asia. It folds/unfolds in minutes and fits neatly into it's suitcase or bag. As I noted earlier, the fork adapters, backwards fork and rim brakes mounted behind the fork made reassembly a time consuming adventure. It now snaps together beautifully.
  14. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    Thanks Charles. I appreciate it.
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