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  1. nobrakes

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    Still waiting on Fedex to find the missing box. In the meantime I decided to start the basic frame. Only issue encountered so far is that I bought the wrong torque wrench - only goes to 20nm. Doh. Need to get a bigger one to get the B.B. on properly.
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  3. dtseng

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    It's a good thing to see that the chain stay is now clamped on the BB shell, not on the bearings.
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  4. nobrakes

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    Second box has now arrived - 2 weeks late due to Fedex losing it in the states, but otherwise unscathed. Woohoo! the CF race case is very nicely made. It's a lot more bulletproof than I expected. Wheels arriving today from Strada Wheels... I now only have to get the Perez clamps which are still stuck in customs and have been for over a week. Very annoying! I can at least get everything else sorted now, first thing to check will be the rear wheel and disc brake, see if I'm going to have any clearance issues (fingers crossed it will be OK).
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    Wheels arrived today - very nice. However my whole plan of having no brake / frame interference has been to no avail - the bolts of the rear disc catch on the weld. :( Its going to require some gentle filing to fit.
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    One small filing later...

    Cassette, rotors and wheels on. Wanted to see if the rotors would cause any interference before I went further, and I had to file a little off the weld on the back. Maybe 0.5 mm. It's very tight clearance with what I left on, so I'll see how it fares under use, might need to take a tiny bit more off. A quick coating with a black touch up pen and you can't see the file at all.

    Garage is starting to get a bit cluttered - 2 solo recumbents, a recumbent tandem, 2 mountain bikes and a hybrid.

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    With a bit more reading, I keep hearing about different size chainstays. I didn't see any option to select chainstay size on the frame ordering page - have I missed a trick here? I am XSeam 45", quite long. Wondering if there was an optimisation I have missed.
  8. ratz

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    The product page use to have a footnote telling you to indicate "large chainstay" in the order notes; I don't see that there any longer.
    I would email sales@cruzbike.com and ask what the status is on the optional chainstay lengths.
  9. nobrakes

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    Thanks ratz, have sent an email.
  10. nobrakes

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    Just put the seat on temporarily and sat on the bike to test sizing - I can see it's not going to be a problem with the existing chainstay. Felt fast just sitting in the garage with no drivetrain installed :)

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