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  1. ed72

    ed72 Member

    Hi....I am new to recumbent bikes and am looking to purchase one for PBP 2019. Tire volume is a critical consideration in my purchase. I cannot find any published data on tire fitment for the V20. thank you very much for any data.

    Can anyone share the max size they have on their V20 along with rim model and actual clearance (measured or estimated)

    For instance, HED Belgium Plus 25 mm Continental GP 4000 sii with latex tubes measureing 29 mm wide fit with 2 mm clearance to the fork and 2 mm clearance to fork crown. Or Flo 60 with 28 mm Continental GP 4000 sii with latex tubes measuring 31 mm wide fit with 2 mm clearance to the fork and 2 mm clearance to fork crown.

  2. Mathew Fy

    Mathew Fy Well-Known Member

    My V20 is outfitted with SRAM Rail 50 with Compass 650Bx38 on front, 42 on rear. Discussed here. At 40-50 psi the ride is smooth and secure. Aerodynamics are improved with bladed spokes, but I plan to get a set of aero wheels so i can keep up in higher speed group rides. (Also working on the engine.)
  3. ed72

    ed72 Member

    Thank you Matthew. The picture of the V20 on the website shows caliper brakes. What kind of brakes are you using to run 650B tires on a V20? The Tekro long reach? Your profile picture looks like disc brakes? Is the V20 setup for disc brakes? I am not sure if I want another 650B bike as tire choice is very limited. Maybe.

    Anyone run 700x32 tires successfully on a V20? Hutchinson sectors 28 mm run pretty narrow for me (27 mm) and are more inline with a 25 mm tire. 25mm Conti GP4kSII tires measure close to 28 mm on my rims.....this is absolutely the smallest volume tire that I would consider and would prefer 28 mm Conti GP4kSIIs or something like it.

  4. Mathew Fy

    Mathew Fy Well-Known Member

    SRAM Guide RS disc, 160 & 140 mm rotors.
  5. trapdoor2

    trapdoor2 Zen MBB Master

    I'm currently running "Thickslick" 700c X 28 tires. Actual width (inflated to 95psi) is almost exactly 30mm. Clearance to the fork crown is 2mm. Clearance to the forks is a much more substantial 5mm (estimated) per side.

    Rims are Velocity "Deep V".

    I also have a pair of Vittorio Rubino 700c X 28 tires on my V2/k. They measure 27mm wide inflated to the same 95psi spec. Same rim for both bikes. They fit my V20, no problem.

    I run disc brakes front and back. TRP HY/RD. 160 front X 140 rear.

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  6. Bill K

    Bill K Well-Known Member

    On my V20 I'm using Hed Belgium Plus rims with Schwalbe Pro One 700 x 28 on the front and Maxxis Re-Fuse 700 x 32 on the back.
    Clearance to the fork crown is 2.5mm front and 2.0mm to the brake bridge on the back.
    Disk brakes with 160mm rotors.

    Last year I ran 26 x 1.5 front and rear (Mavic A719 rims and Compass McClure pass tires). With these there is room for fenders. I used
    Planet bike SpeedEX XL 700c 45mm but using 26" rims is disk-brake only as far as I know.
    I'm pretty sure 26 x 1.8 would not fit in the front but would fit in the back.

    PBP 2019 ... Cool!
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  7. ed72

    ed72 Member

    Thanks Bill......this is exactly what I needed to know. I can run modern wide rims with 700x28 mm tires. Schwalbe pro one tubeless get puffy.
  8. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Hi Ed72,

    Welcome to the forums. The standard guidance is that with old school RIM with an inner rim with of 13mm=15mm you can mount a typical 7000x25c tire with a tube. With rims in the 17mm-19mm you can definitely mount a 700x28c if you go tubeless on a proper rim you might be able to squeak in something bigger. If you ad fenders always assume you have to drop down 1 tire size. Obviously, every wheelset is different but that's pretty much what people have reported here over the last few years. A 36c Schwalbe G-One won't' fit, but a 32c just might just fit on the back, haven't had time to try it this year.
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  9. ed72

    ed72 Member

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great feedback and data....
  10. velaksap

    velaksap Member

    Does anyone run a 28 Conti GP4000S II on the standard Velocity Deep rim and the V20 black frame? I've read that those tires tend to measure much higher than 28 when inflated.
  11. Gary123

    Gary123 Guru

    Don't run them but yes they are big for 28's
  12. Kenneth Jessett

    Kenneth Jessett Well-Known Member

    I will say you have two years to get the most out of your V before the PBP and like most you will find it is a long learning curve, so you are starting at the right time. No doubt there are those who hop on a Vendetta and rip away immediately, but that wasn't me and riding on your back is so counter intuitive that your brain will fight you all the way.

    However, I've had a number of Vendettas racing at my event the past couple of years to witness they are a thing of beauty when ridden competently and fast, so it's worth persevering with it.

    I signed up the the LEL - which starts in two weeks - thinking that I would ride it if I could do it on my V because I knew that riding 840 miles in 100 hours or less on my standard bike was not going to be any fun at all. As it is, as I've said elsewhere on the forum, I'm still riding parking lots. Sufficient to say I will not be flying to London at the end of the month and no doubt will regret I didn't practice enough on the Vendetta to go to Britain to ride the LEL for a very long time. :(

    Maybe we will see each other at the PBP in two years. :)

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