Vendetta in Grimstad

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  1. I'm impressed with the Vendetta and really like the speed I'm able to hold climbing.
    We have hills here in Grimstad but many of the climbs are not that long but there are many of them.
    I hope to enter several races next year if I stay healthy.
    I don't expect to win races but do better since climbing is much easier with the Vendetta than it is with the other recumbents I have used.
    My excuse for not winning races is that I'm 56 years old and started racing at 50 and don't train as much as the fast racers.

    The Vendetta is also fast on flat ground and more comfortable than expected.
    It's actually the most comfortable recumbent I have ridden and the position feels just right for producing efficient power.
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    Nice photos of your Vendetta

    Nice photos of your Vendetta there: Coming from a unicycle, it must have been easy to learn a cruzbike!
  3. I learned first to ride a

    I learned first to ride a unicycle after I learned to ride a Sofrider.
    On my first rides on a Sofrider I rode very slowly when I tried to go faster the bike didn't go where I wanted it to go.
    The unicycle took much longer time to learn than the Sofrider.
    Having experience with a Sofrider was very helpful when I started to ride a Vendetta.
    I was able to ride with speed on my first Vendetta ride but handling the Vendetta well took many rides.
    Some of the things I struggled with at first on the Vendetta were starting up a hill and pedaling going down a hill.

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