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    I train 4 days each week in the long, steep mountains. For every one mile there is 100 feet of cumulative climbing -- not to mention steep, twisty switchbacks. E.g., 88 miles, 9,300 feet of climbing. E.g., 34 miles, 4,260 feet of climbing (hanging off the side of a mountain).

    One day each week I train on a flat, straight road that, at best, climbs 2 or 3 feet per mile. October temps are 111F.

    On March 10th I'll do a 400 km brevet in the AZ desert. Two-hundred and fifty miles with 2,600 feet of cumulative climbing. Ten feet of climbing per mile.

    On June 2-3rd I'll do a 600 km brevet in the AZ high country. Three hundred and seventy-three miles with 19,000+ feet of cumulative climbing. Fifty-one feet of climbing per mile.

    So, the Vendetta handles everything I can throw at it.

    It's a time trial bike.

    It's a randoneurring bike.

    It's a road bike for the toughest, roughest mountain terrain on the planet.

    I wonder how fast it would be if it were red!! :)

    (This post was edited shortly after written to correct mileage and climbing figures. Very important to check work you completed at 3AM :))
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    Challenging schedule, Dan,

    Challenging schedule, Dan, we'll all be following along, vicariously, that is!!!! :D

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