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  1. paulckennedy

    paulckennedy Member

    What does the S30 stand for or is it a weird form of Silvio 3.0?

    Biggest request is WHAT is new about it???

  2. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    updated picture and availabillity line only

    It just looks like they updated the picture on the website, and the first line of text showoing
    All the description still looks exactly like the Silvio 2.0, and even "options" area where you check what you want to add to your cart still says "Silvio 2.0 Frameset. Looks like someone might have jumped the gun to get something on the website, or just did not finish before uploading the content. EIther way - incomplete and confusing!
    Probably just have to wait a while longer!
  3. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Paul, where do you see "S30"

    Paul, where do you see "S30" (I don't)?

    Glad they took off the "2.0" logo, looks a little better (although I still prefer my bike's "classic" logo).
  4. 1happyreader

    1happyreader zen/child method

    hover hover


    the "S30" is visable when your cursor hovers over the new silvio picture.

    later .......... bye
  5. paulckennedy

    paulckennedy Member

    Saw it on Facebook!

  6. paulckennedy

    paulckennedy Member

    From Facebook comments!

    Ted Edinger: It's the 2.0 frame set, right? What does the "S30" refer to?

    CRUZBIKE: That's a great question, Ted Edinger - S refers to Silvio and 30 refers to the angle of the seat.
  7. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Hm, does that mean the seat

    Hm, does that mean the seat angle changed by 3 degrees?

    The FD cable routing in that photo looks different, like the cable is going below the BB.
  8. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Does the steerer tube LOOK

    Does the steerer tube LOOK larger in diameter

  9. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    I think ALL the

    I think ALL the Aluminum parts should be white to show off the carbom fibre parts

  10. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    S is for Silvio; 30 is for

    S is for Silvio; 30 is for seat recline. Yes its really 27, but we'll use that formula in other models is the thinking.
  11. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master


    I think the new version looks great in white.
  12. KiwiGuy

    KiwiGuy Well-Known Member

    Nailin' it John

    Hi John

    You're totally nailing it with this latest iteration of the Silvio IMHO. Nice work!

    The aspects I like in particular are:

    1. The seat recline of 27 degrees. I've long thought that this is the 'Goldilocks' seat recline. Not too steep, not too reclined. Great for climbing with reasonable speed in flat and rolling country. And it is far enough away from the Vendetta seat recline to mark it out as sufficiently different. Well handled.

    2. You've maintained the focus on 'Silvio' being the brand, with the 'made by Cruzbike' in the background but still evident. Strikes me as the perfect balance from a branding pov. And you got rid of the 2.0/2.1 or whatever you're now up to. 'Silvio' pure and simple. NIce.

    3. Love the new colour scheme. Black looks mean and doing the business, but it's visibility to car drivers is rubbish when you're on the road. I love the white frame with black look. It looks the bomb! (However, I would say that - my new Golf GTi is pure white with gloss black wheels - sex on wheels. Well IMHO again.).

    You deserve to sells heaps of this new Silvio. I really hope you do.

    Kind regards... Blair
  13. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    The bike description got

    The bike description got updated.

    Silvio S30 version 2.2 delivers the following improvements to version 2.0:
    • Larger boom and slider for even better power delivery
    • Improved front derailleur cable management for easier set up and adjustment
    • Press-fit RD hanger to keep everything in order on front wheel changes
    • 3 mm additional tire clearance on the fork
    • Improved headrest attachment
    • Additional cable adjuster position on slider clamp
    • Front light attachment point
  14. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    And they've added this

    And they've added this too:
    • Accommodates 11-speed systems

  15. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Sounds like sensible

    Sounds like sensible incremental improvements to me! I think it's particularly good that (a) Cruzbike is now offering fully built bikes and (b) a "simple" thing like front light attachment point is included - cos us early adopters figured out our own solutions.

    I was wondering if there would be a new handlebar option, as the previous bullhorns are still not available (either on Vendetta or Silvio pages).
  16. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Since 11 speed is supported,

    Since 11 speed is supported, I wonder if there's an "official" solution for the apparently smaller diameter on the Ultegra 6800 bottom bracket bearings (maybe an included shim)?
  17. Andrei Petrov

    Andrei Petrov Member

    press-fit rd hanger

    Can the press-fit rd hanger be retro-fitted to the Silvio 2.0?
  18. scabinetguy

    scabinetguy Well-Known Member

    11 Speed Supported

    Here's what you need for Ultegra 6800 11 speed. Shims for the smaller BB diameter. 1 3/4" outside X 1 5/8" inside x 3/8" wide. Works very well.
  19. KiwiGuy

    KiwiGuy Well-Known Member


    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for the heads-up on the other improvements to the Silvio.

    Although these days there is always the assumption that a new model will have many large and small improvements, the dedication that John and the team at Cruzbike have to continuous improvement really impresses me. Across all the recumbent manufacturers, imho Cruzbike is right at the top of the pile for constantly improving their product.

    From my perspective, of the improvements you've mentioned, the move to the press-fit RD hanger is possibly the biggest relief. I have two fears with MBB, and one of them is getting stuck on the side of the road with a punctured front tyre and not being able to reassemble the front end.

    I'm also pleased that they've up-graded to handle 11-speed; and that with the growing number of 24mm (Pacenti) and 25mm (Hed) road rims available the Silvio can now handle wider tyres.

    This new Silvio is a very tempting bike. But I've been waiting patiently for the 11-speed version of the Vendetta to be released, so I'll leave my final decision until then. I'm really hoping that is not too far off.

    Kind regards...
  20. Lief

    Lief Guru Schmuru

    Maybe this is a question for JT? or JParker?

    I keep seeing people say that the Vendetta doesn't do 11 speed?
    But the Vendetta I have, set up by Jim or John? or maybe Robert?

    It has the 11speed SRAM Force cassette.
    It might need an adjustment here and there to hit the rings right but - it works just fine?

    What am I missing?

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