Where does the motivation go when commuting

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  1. bazzawill

    bazzawill Well-Known Member

    Does anybody else get frustrated when somebody turns off your route before you can pass them :p
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  2. McWheels

    McWheels Well-Known Member

    I think you're a 5 due to lack of team or TdF lycra. However, when you wear the CB jersey, it drops to a 4. Shave your legs, forget the panniers and you'll be down at Zero! I'm somewhere between 11 or 13 depending on whether mine counts as a skinny MTB or Fast Hybrid.

    Worse than them escaping, sometimes I have to drop someone 3 or 4 times if my traffic-light Fu isn't dialed in.
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  3. benphyr

    benphyr Active Member

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  4. Kenneth

    Kenneth Member

    my motivation to commute to work for many a year was simply it was the only time I had. You mention kids, they grow, then you have more and they grow more. I was pretty busy with them for a lot of years. My family wasn't really interested in riding, so i carved out that time for myself. Many a morning i would drag myself out of bed at 4 am wondering why I had got up to ride but within a block or two i remembered how good it felt and I'd arrive at work wishing it was further away.
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  5. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    Cycling is good for the brain, for some reason. Some people are fortunate enough to enjoy their job. They arrive at their place of work eager to start working. For the less fortunate ones...

    You arrive at your crappy, tiring-but-unfulfilling job and meet your crappy, tiring-but-unfulfilling colleagues, and yet you still feel happy. The effect of cycling lasts, at least for the first five minutes of the working day. If you drive, you are already depressed before you get there. Two good things about work: They pay you, and you get to ride a bike on the way there.
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  6. Suz

    Suz Well-Known Member

    This may be the best commuting argument I’ve heard. Thanks for the chuckle.

    And Bazzawill the motivation will get better when you start getting sleep again. Interrupted sleep is the worst.
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  7. jond

    jond Zen MBB Master

    Bazz mate if you are able and do ride to work then you are motivated full stop

    You are lucky to be able to commute and thoroughly motivated to do so. I congratulate you and am slightly jealous in truth.

    Now as for deriving greater benefits..........mental or physical well that’s a square root of the fun factor divided by grams sweat.

    You are living the dream super daddy.

    I reckon having an event lined up as a goal is key. Something to wind up commuter juices to find a longer way home in the same time.
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  8. NeaL

    NeaL Well-Known Member

    If this ever happens to me, I'd pass them at a slow enough speed to see if they want to try and overtake me, then see if I can stay just ahead of them. There's no satisfaction is passing someone who wasn't even aware that they were about to be overtaken.
    Maybe come up quickly & quietly from behind, lurk in their blind spot until you know that they know you're there, then see if it becomes a race.

    Man, I wish there were more cycling commuters in my area. I've seen only one so far, all decked out in spandex and helmet and visibility-wear but that was while I was driving. A few other cyclists I've seen around here, I'd describe as day laborers who maybe don't even have a car, not even lights on their bike, just making do with what they have. And that's cool, too.
  9. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    Not unusual to have 2-5,000 online on Zwift at any time of the day.
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  10. NeaL

    NeaL Well-Known Member

    People use Zwift to commute? I thought people just turn on their computers and connect to the internet in order to work from home and shop online. You mean they actually hop onto their trainers for a virtual bike commute before arriving at their virtual workplace on the internet??? Then, what, pedal from there to Amazon.com or Ebay and such to run errands? Weird.
  11. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    You can lead a recumbenteer to water but you can't make them drink it :(
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  12. NeaL

    NeaL Well-Known Member

    You had me thinking that maybe people are actually doing that now but I wasn't certain.

    A number of years ago, they came out with a video game called The Sims. I got sucked into playing it for a short while until I realized that it was a huge time-waster. I was creating wonderful "lives" for these fake people while my real-life obligations were suffering.

    Still, I thought it was a shame that these virtual worlds weren't somehow connected to achieving real world results. It's through the actions of playing that young children actually learn. Then when they're older, they get shipped off to schools where learning becomes work, and their creativity is actually diminished as a side effect.
    I know they've come out with lots of other Sim-like games over the years but I don't think anyone has even tried to have them interface with actual learning, exercise, money management, business development etc. as a part of playing in the virtual world as much as I've imagined possible.

    Think about it. Instead of just typing in a user name and password, what if we also had to pedal a certain distance in order to access the Cruzbike forum. Just like any social visit, we gotta travel a little in order to go there and hang out. What if certain bicycle component retailers had shopping access within the Zwift world and customers had to pedal over there in order to shop online?
    The real world businesses could, say, make a deal with Zwift that customers coming in online by pedaling in the Zwift world get a certain discount off of the usual price, and doing so could attract more cyclists to playing Zwift? I'm not sure how Zwift is set up, but you got me thinking that maybe they've already done something just like that, where people have to pedal between places on the maps or tracks or whatever in order to do certain things and participate in activities.
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  13. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    Yep, your instincts are correct that time has arrived. Come visit us on Discord when the Zwifters are Zwifting. You're already signed up. It's only a click away.
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  14. Needforspeed

    Needforspeed New Member

    I guesstimate a male V20 rider’s FCN at 6 (or as low as 4)...

    -Roadie with hairy legs: 4 (if you shave your legs you’re at 2)
    -Lycra: 0
    -Bike storage: 0
    -Helmet/glasses: 0
    -No weird accessories (besides riding a weird recumbent that is; I don’t think anyone besides us realizes we are even more aero than a DF rider tucked into aero bars): 0
    -Clipless pedals: 0
    -Bonus for being a recumbent: 2 (mentioned on the homepage)

    Man I miss bike commuting, especially now that I have a V20...

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