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The never-fail riding lesson

Submitted by John Tolhurst on Fri, 25/03/2011 - 22:22

"I went in with an open mind and listened to Kim's instructions. Would you believe about 45 secs worth in total? That's about all it was! A quick ride on the Sofrider to get the basics, and then it was on to the Silvio! In a very short space of time I was riding around the crit circuit with no problems at all." {Freddyflatfoot, reporting at}

Kim is a legend at teaching Cruzbike riding skills, he never fails. In his own words, this is what he recommends. Notice the emphasis on being comfortable in body and mind.

ADJUSTMENT to you of your Cruzbike

Adjust the angle of the seat assembly to middle/average settings and later, to what you find your personal preference.

Relax in the seat to find a near to best leg length to pedal distance. This you will naturally adjust to suit you better as you begin riding.

It is recommended to have your arms almost straight, being comfortable to push forward
and pull back approximately 1 " / 25mm ( total movement).

Your First Cruzbike Ride

Let us set the scene with a positive attitude. If you see a grumpy tense face in the mirror what do you get back? The same, a staunch attitude of “I can do it, I don't need help”. Now, look relaxed, feel relaxed, feel somewhat happy and what do you get back? The same, a compliant attitude of “Now, what has to be done?”

Use your best compliant, open attitude to the Cruzbike first lessons to shorten your learning curve!

(1) Sit on your Cruzbike … handle bars, use soft hands, open palms, NO grip, relax, face the bike down a gentle paved slope, push off with your feet. Or have someone give you a push. DON'T try to pedal, just roll let your body know its on a bike. Try some gentle turning.

REPEAT this, and let your body do what it knows already – let it go back to riding a trike as you did when you were a small child, let yourself remember front wheel drive and front wheel steer.

(2) Start off the same as (1) and after some rolling, lift your feet up and just rest them on the pedals. DO look well ahead, don’t look at your feet, or the pedals.

(3) Now finally, begin to gently pedal. Look for smoothness. Keep your palms open so you can feel the whole body involvement. Its like walking. Your body and legs will naturally take up the steering while you have GENTLE even pressure forward on the handlebars.

(4) When that momentum comes in from pedaling, keep pedaling, not necessarily faster, just enjoy the feeling.

IMPORTANTLY, if you find it hard to relax, practice rolling, steps (1) and (2). Also it can be more difficult to relax when excitement comes upon us. Be calm. You must not have a tight grip on the bars during your 4 point lesson.

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Watching this video may help:

Watching this video may help:

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So, is it that simple to ride

So, is it that simple to ride the bike as you suggests here. How easy is it to ride the bike in a reclining posture like this? Even the rolling of bike sitting in a posture like this can be very challenging too.

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