UMCA 12 Hour Women's Distance 2012

Fri, 2012-10-12
257.8 miles
Maria Parker
Record class: 
Surveyed Road Course near Lumberton NC
Bicycle model: 
Vendetta V20 2.2 Frame Set

The ride started out well. It was dark for the first hour, and I started slow and easy.  As the sun crept up I felt good, so I worked a little harder. My goal was to break my previous 12-hour record as well as try to set a new 24-hour record.  My plan was to do a medium effort the first 12 hours and then back-off the second 12 hours.  I felt strong for about 8 hours.  The day was beautiful and the air temperature was just right for riding.  I sailed around the loop enjoying fields brimming with bright white cotton balls and golden soy bean leaves. It was a perfect Carolina sky blue day.  Part of the loop was into a challenging headwind. It’s always psychologically difficult to see your speed drop. However, I reminded myself that I would make it up on the tailwind side and that I was slipping through the wind like an arrow.   My nutrition seemed to be going well too. I was able to eat a little solid food and drink quite a bit of liquid nutrition.

At the 12 hour mark I had surpassed the previous 250 mile record by about 8 miles.