V2/K Frameset


The kit is a tinkerer's dream for anyone wanting to build a moving bottom bracket bike. All the hard stuff is done for you, at less than you'd invest in time and money if you made it all up on your own. But it's no secret: the availability of suitable donor bikes is declining. The low-cost Y-frame bikes were all imitations of top line designs by Trek and others from the '90s. When they moved to other designs, it was inevitable that the imitators would follow in due time.

So Cruzbike is offering some solutions.

Firstly, we'll once again offer the seat without the triangle kit. This will offer versatility in how you select your donor bike, or support you if you want to build your own frame.

And now, we'll offer the V2.3 Cruzbike frame as an accessory to the conversion kit. This is a great frame, and we're offering it at a great price. You can have all our innovations and refinements for your kit, in the form of the V2K Frame.

When the V2K was under development, its development code name was "Canvas". We envisioned this as a blank sheet of paper for the creative recumbent builder to use as the basis for a dream bike. Pick your components; paint over the intentionally-neutral white paint; build it any way you want.

You can put a 26" or 700c wheel on the rear in the V2K frame. If you put a 700c fork you can use a 700c wheel; 26” fork, 26” wheel.

Not included:
Mountain bike fork with 1-1/18 inch steerer tube.
27.2mm seat post tube, which is a pretty common size.