Cruzbike V20 Complete - Warehouse Clearance

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The Cruzbike Vendetta V20 performance recumbent road bike reigns as the fastest road bike in the world, bar none. We're clearing past season stock and these beauties need to go. This is your opportunity to experience the all out speed, comfort and fun of our fastest bike at an incredible price.

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  • First time owners: For owners brand new to Cruzbike, this bike will take time to master. Its 20-degree seat back angle makes it fast and comfortable but more difficult for newbies.
  • Fit: The V20 fits riders with an X-seam between 35 inches and 48 inches (about 5'2" to 6'5" body height). Head over to our Fit page to learn how to measure your x-seam.
  • Complete your V20 performance setup with these racing accessories, chosen and tested by Cruzbike's racers.


V20 Complete Assembly Guide
Cruzbike Owner's Manual
Learning to Ride: It's like Falling in Love

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