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The Cruzbike Vendetta V20 performance recumbent road bike reigns as the fastest road bike in the world, bar none. We're clearing past season stock and these beauties need to go. This is your opportunity to experience the all out speed, comfort and fun of our fastest bike at an incredible price.

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  • First time owners: For owners brand new to Cruzbike, this bike will take time to master. Its 20-degree seat back angle makes it fast and comfortable but more difficult for newbies.
  • Fit: The V20 fits riders with an X-seam between 35 inches and 48 inches (about 5'2" to 6'5" body height). Head over to our Fit page to learn how to measure your x-seam.
  • Complete your V20 performance setup with these racing accessories, chosen and tested by Cruzbike's racers.
  • See complete V20 Owner Resources here.

Cruzbike V20 Tech Specs & Fit


Lightweight, road-smoothing hydroformed aluminum frame.

    Front Triangle

    Compact tetrahedron that links the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube. This linkage allows you to boost power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body. It also means you'll run a standard length chain and have access to the cutting edge in performance component technology. Our patented front triangle design is formed by the fork, chainstay, boom and slider.

      Seat-to-Frame-to-Drive Connection

      The V20's carbon fiber seat fits the curve of the frame so that no watt is wasted. As you press your back into the frame, you engage your whole body through the handlebar and cranks. Energy surges through the drive system and powers the bike forward, leaping up hills or accelerating into a sprint.

      Compatibility Notes

      BB shell: English Thread 68mm
      Front derailleur: Braze-on mount
      Brakes: International Standard mount
      Brake adapters: 160/200 size front and rear for 160mm rotors (this will be brand dependent).


      Main Frame: 1.6 kg ( 3.7lbs)

      Vendetta V20 Geometry

      Wheelbase 1149 mm 45.3 in
      Chainstay length - standard 496.9mm 19.6 in
      Backrest angle 20 degrees
      Length of Bike (varies by adjustment and chainstay length) 1803 - 2032 mm 71 - 80 in
      Seat Height (low point) 521.2mm 20.5 in
      BB Height (varies by adjustment and chainstay length) 584 - 846mm 23 - 34 in


      The V20 fits riders with an X-seam between 35 inches and 48 inches (about 5'2" to 6'5" body height).If you are at either end of the fit range and have questions, contact us at We'd love to get you fit.