Silvio Headrest, nice, comfy & cheap

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  1. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member

    I made a comfy, springy simple headrest using two pieces flat aluminum stock (could use yardsticks), a rectangle, couple bolts, memory foam, and fabric. I bent the aluminum stock (1" x at least 24") around a piece of pvc pipe, drilled holes to match the back seat, bolted them on, then bolted on a piece of rectangle aluminum I had laying around (4" x 8"). Cut a rectangle of memory foam (two inches bigger around than metal), stuffed it into a fabric case and velcroed it on. Shown in picture is a leg band to hold it on just to be sure when traveling. It's way simple, and you can bend it to fit YOU. It springs a little which I like. I have no idea how to attach a picture in this forum.
  2. WhiteSilvio

    WhiteSilvio Well-Known Member

    Attaching Pics to Post

    Hi Diana,
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  3. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member

    head rest

    AH! Figured it out. Thanks.
  4. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Hi Diana,
    Does the dog really

    Hi Diana,

    Does the dog really ride there? (If so, where's its helmet? :) ) Nice headrest (and cute dug!).

  5. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    Very nice. Never thought

    Very nice. Never thought about using a headrest. Do you actually rest your head against it all the time while riding? Bet it would help on long rides. Thanks for posting pics. How does your dog like the ride?
  6. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    Nice headrest.

    Volae offers a somewhat similar design, but not as refined as this and those are around $80-$90 US. Are you taking orders ;-)
  7. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member

    dog, headrest

    Yes and Yes. Yes, I use the headrest all the time, it's great. Yes, I could take orders, but really, why? It's so very cheap and easy. Yes, she rides there, loves it. When she goes out the garage door she immediately goes to the bike. Helmet? There is only one helmet made for dogs and it isn't even protective. It's like a hard hat and it's made for dogs with floppy ears. I made one myself from Crayola Model Magic foam and fiberglass, but it was too heavy. I'll have to try again. If you have any ideas, let me know.
  8. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member

    Kickstand, headrest

    Wow! $90 for a piece of aluminum and a foam pillow from Volae! This wouldn't work with the Silvio anyway. There's nowhere in the middle you'de want to put it, you'de hurt access to that secret compartment behind your back which for me, has a $20 bill on a wire, and a small roll of emergency paper in a baggie (tp). I think though, it will have to hide a kickstand if I have to purchase a "click stand." Anyone come up with a kickstand for the Silvio?
  9. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    Thanks, looks like I'll be

    Thanks, looks like I'll be heading to Home Depot for some aluminum stock. Don't know where to find a small piece of memory foam. Can't wait to put it on my Quest. You're really quite ingenious - can't wait to see what you come up with for a kick stand.
  10. Jerrye

    Jerrye Spam Slayer

    Perhaps worth trying?

    For foam use I have heard of people buying carpet padding & gluing up the thickness they needed. Fairly firm foam, and cheap. Just an idea.
  11. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member


    I went to Walmart and bought a memory foam pillow. I actually bought it to sculpt a thicker seat cushion and used the leftover for the headreast.
  12. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    Really like my new headrest

    Really like my new headrest on my Quest. Thanks for the great idea. I only needed one aluminum 1-1/2 inch bar (30" long from Lowes) that I bent similarly to yours. Put some velcro down the middle of the seat so I didn't need to drill holes. For the cushion, I used a small scrap piece of closed cell foam that I got from a local kayak dealer (they use it to contour kayak seat backs). it was very easy to use sandpaper to shape (5" x 3" x 1-1/2"). The back of the foam pad is hard so I used velcro (so I can easily replace the pad) to attach to the small aluminum flashing plate screwed onto the aluminum bar. I ended up with something that looked like the attached pic. Works great and I can easily transfer to my other Cruzbike and adjust the height. I can get by with just one aluminum bar because my head doesn't weigh much - mostly air. If you have any gray matter, you will probably need to bars like Maggie's Mommy.
  13. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    Headrest Pics. Since I used

    Headrest Pics. Since I used Velcro, I can use on my other Cruzbike.
  14. Maggie's Mommy

    Maggie's Mommy New Member


    See, a good headrest need not be fancy or expensive. Good job. I hope this inspires more creativity. Obviously if you ride a Cruzbike, you are different and creative.
  15. leakyduck

    leakyduck Member

    Carpet Foam

    Jerrye said

    "For foam use I have heard of people buying carpet padding & gluing up the thickness they needed. Fairly firm foam, and cheap. Just an idea."

    I never buy carpet padding or carpet scraps for that matter. Check out the dumpster at your local carpet store. I find new and free.


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