Cruzbike Carbon Fiber Race Case
Carbon Fiber Race Case

Carbon Fiber Race Case

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It's wind tunnel and race-tested. The Carbon Fiber Race Case makes you faster. Any storage container that makes you and your bike MORE aerodynamic is worth its weight in... carbon fiber.

The Carbon Fiber Race Case is designed to be beautiful, aero, and practical. It ships with all parts needed to run it with two easily reachable bottles or with a bladder (up to two liters, plus enough room for your tube change kit) and it's quick and easy to install. The bladder hose feeds through a hole placed next to the rider's head. The rear of the case includes a utility pole for affixing your rear light. Two additional bottle cages can be mounted on the sides near the front of the case.

Weight with water bottle holder cover as you would use with a water bladder: 692 grams (1.5 lbs)
Weight without cover bottle holder cover (as you would use with water bottles: 663 grams (1.4 lbs)
Compatible with all Cruzbike V series and S series bikes with a headrest.
Please note: The Carbon Fiber Race Case and Suspension Adjustable Headrest are not compatible for use at the same time.