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    Is there a brand name?
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    Me too. Most of my rides are at this... I am 55. I also find if I skip breakfast my heart rate seems to be higher than usual until I've had a warm up and then it settles.
  3. I just use the el cheapo Meijer brand, but you probably don't have that chain store. I think KY has the same thing. Ask your pharmacist for a big tube and don't forget to wink a lot.
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    My first session on the KICKR with my V20--FUN!

    Activity is in Strava.

    The total distance and time reported by the Wahoo Fitness app was a little over one hour with a distance of 17 miles; data uploaded from my garmin to Strava was different.
    All the other stats were very close.
    I need to get a fan! Puddles of sweat on the mat.
    I need to get an iPhone holder for my handlebars (topeak ride case?)
    I think I need to make adjustments to my boom length (lengthen it).
    It took me a while to get used to the rocking sensation on the KICKR; smoothing out my pedaling and spinning better circles helped.
    My crank arms are 165mm--I think I need shorter as this might help with the rocking sensation and my legs flailing all over the place.
    I don't know my FTP.
    Can't wait for TrainerRoad.
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    Try new batteries.
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    I have the Topeka Ridecase, and it works great. I have the 6Plus, and the Ridecase has the added benefit of making it easier to use the iPhone one-handed when not riding.

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    That's going to be true as virtual speed depends more on the Gear choice than anything else; and it's just not a 1 to 1 mapping to the real world. When we get the TR workouts going you will find that riding workout A; in 34x22 will be like 14 mph and feel like you climbed a 10 mile hill; same exact workout in 52x11 will record as 27mph an feel like you are going down hill. Fly wheel inertia is huge. In a small slow gear; you constantly have to pressure the pedals to micro adjust the fly wheel back up to speed. When you get the fly wheel up to a massive speed it tends to stay in motion and you get micro rest throughout the ride. Everyone in the test group tried to kill me with their laser beam eyes when I had them slow down and ride in a small gear at 14mph for 2+ hours. You quickly learn that you can cheat the training if you pick a gear that's really fast; as you figure it out though it becomes a tool to very your workout training impetuous. Or in other words train in the gears you ride in; out doors if you want the training to help you outdoors. Train in the biggest gear possible if you want impressive indoor numbers and less successful training.

    Even more important for regulating heart rate. A cheap fixed box fan and good low cost oscillator work well together. We got ours from the hardware store for $30 total for two.

    Yeah that's a little shocking at first; it won't go away when you have to lay on the power; but it will get less. The cruzing pedals stroke will get a lot more smooth as the trainer will teach you to pedal (no coasting) for 2 hours straight; the give you more supple muscle the spin more steady. Also check the pressure on your shock to ensure it's 150-185psi. I like to make it 180 on the trainer.

    I put the first request in for Codes. As soon as those are in I'll get them handed out and get the first training assignment up on the Trainer road training team group. As the get edited and cleaned up for grammar I'm likely to add them here for undecided people to review.
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    as much as i like the idea of helping others go faster, your approach of using some kind of structured train is the opposite of what i use so i doubt i can be of much help on that front. with that said if you guys think of some way i can help feel free to ask, you always welcome to use my random race and ride efforts as reference. at this time i haven't this whole thread due several immense walls of words but soon i'll catch up.
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    Oh man you won't offend us that you don't need this structured form. There are always a rare set of athletes that can just ride on Perceived Exertion; and instinct. The rest of us mortals just watch in aw. Maybe after a ton of time training we can get a fraction of am insight into what comes so natural to you.... But by all means, if you spot something in the discussion that just maps onto what you "just do" make the connections for us.
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    I've been cycling seriously since 1995. I have done several centuries and hill climbs including RAMROD (154 miles and 10,000 climbing on Mount Rainer) on a tandem. But, I have never been fast. I want to get faster. My wife wants to get faster too. What I have done in the past hasn't worked so I'm going to try something different. When I was a swimmer, I always succeeded at the sprinting events. My coach used to joke I was good for 49 yards for 50 yard short events.

    Jason, I appreciate your offer to help.

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    I think I'm going to be group B. I'll pick up a trainer on craigslist, eventually.

    I tried walking/jogging while keeping my HR 125-135 bpm today, for a bit over an hour. On level ground a fast walk (almost race walking style) kept me in that range, slowed down going uphill and jogging going downhill.

    $12/month for TrainerRoad and $25/month for TrainingPeaks? bleh. Is the free edition for TrainingPeaks sufficient?
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    Yes training peaks you can use the free version and I assumed most people would use the free version. I work with the coaching version. That version allows me to extract your data from the free account and do the analysis; aggregation and anonymous extraction. Think of TP as a conduit to submit your data to the project. Basically you provide the data; and get compensated with free training up to the point that you trust what I provide you; Eventually if you think I'm full you be able to go off and do your own thing.

    Right now I'm working on the "get started instructions." Target audience; if you can't ride 75-100 miles in a day without needing to eat and entire frig full of food the next day and need 5 days to physically heel; then you will be able to use the same first 4-8 weeks of training that everyone else can. From there people's goals will kick in; plans will be individualized and I'll be monitoring every 5-8 days to make sure results trend the right way. Discussion for those in trainer road will happen in detail on those forums so there can be some in program discussion. Current internal debate in my head is whether I can create a generalized approach that someone could follow without the tools; right now I don't think so but I'm still thinking it over. I'm instead thinking that some discussion here of what's happening in program might help others make the time value decisions. Depends on participitation. Right now 4 ppl active; 3 pending, and 2 for January.
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    Right now, my longest ever ride was a bit over 74 miles (7 weeks ago) and I was pretty wiped out. I was hoping to get up to doing a century this summer.

    OK, now I've got a TrainingPeaks account.
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    I just stumbled across this. I have never used it:

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    Bob, I'll likely give this a go. I'll go explore TrainerRoad and figure out what I think I can commit to.
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    Ok as we get ready to go here is the kick Off message from the Trainer Road Team forum area.
    I'll be cross posting these main messages as they occur so that fence sitters can get the flavor of what we are doing.
    We are technically waiting on Trainer Road codes but those with user accounts already can send me their username


    Welcome to Project 4F

    If you have arrived here then you have successfully setup your TR account, told me your username and joined the 4F team. Congratulations you are on your way to structured training.

    So to get start we need to make sure you have completed the other setup steps
    • You will need a free Trainingpeaks.com account. From the preference there you can invite me as the coach at bob {at} mylifeinrecline [dot] com.
    • You will need the Trainer Road App loaded on to your computer or handheld device
    • You will need a supported Trainer that is either ERG Based, a Power Meter on your bike; or a Trainer that supports Virtual Power
    • Users not using a trainer but doing things just Over-the-road users need a phone that runs the TrainerRoad app and support your bike speed, cadence and hr sensors

    If you have all the prerequisites done you are ready to go
    • Scroll down to the bottom and find Traditional Base all riders will start here unless we have singled you out as a special snowflake.
    • Review Low Volume I, Mid Volume I and High Volume I.
    These are the starter plans; the Plans II and III come in the weeks after Plan I. You do not normally start with II or III if you are new to Training. Traditional Base for rider targeting <= 100 miles is 12 weeks total, with 3 different levels of time commitment. If you are training for longer than 100 mile events we will be classifying you as an Ultra rider and your Traditional Base will have 2 extra weeks per block for a total of 18 weeks. Just let me know if you want to go Ultra; you do not have to decide until the middle of block 2 if you are uncertain. If you are wrong about your time commitment you can move between levels just try to avoid making it a habit. If you believe Traditional base is the wrong plan for you; start a conversation with me and I will review why it is the focus of this program and why it applies to most riders who are not already riding competitively.

    Once you have selected your Plan you will ride your 8 minute Test to determine your FTP. FTP is your functional threshold power. It is a theoretical measure of the maximum power you can output non-stop for 1 hour and then collapse and not be able to pedal any further. I am calling it theoretical for our purpose because in truth only a world-class rider could truly ride at their FTP for an hour; us mortals would fail. But that is ok it is still extremely useful.

    FTP is also really challenging to test correctly. It takes practice and a variety of things can cause you to test low on a given day. None of that matters. Your personal FTP is just that, your personal value and once it is established it allows your workouts to be "scaled" in difficulty in a consistent many across the board so that you Training Stress can be accurately planned and metered out. Oh and the good news is you get to do an FTP Test every 4-6 weeks so that if you improve the works will become harder by an equal amount so that you stay in an effective training zone.

    Each bike, trainer and meter combination will assess slightly differently so take your FTP test on the bike / trainer setup you plan to train on. When you take your test be sure to have 2 days of rest before the test (no riding or light riding only). Get a good night sleep and eat properly for your diet. Have a fan to keep your body cool, and plenty of to drink water.

    After you complete your test I will verify that it uploads to Training Peaks and I will review the data and provide feedback on how you did. Some people will do great; others will learn good stuff for the next test.

    The 8 minutes Test (which is really 1 hour all total) should hurt and it may be the most demanding session you see for the first 3 weeks.

    Good Luck and suffer well

    See the next message "Step 2" for instruction on what to do on your second.
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    Hey Bob if it's not too late, put me down for now too. I have actually semi-started already doing my MAF test (30 minute) and some aerobic traning to get in the groove. I will go in group B as I do have and older trader and a Garmin 1000, with Powertap wheels. I will be the one outside for most of my rides unless weather prohibits. Will have to,purchase an Anr+ device I hunk right?
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    We are no longer waiting on codes; let the fun begin.

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