Performance Recumbent Road Bicycles

We make performance recumbent road bikes that are the best and fastest climbing recumbent bicycles on the market. If your cycling has been limited by saddle, back, neck or wrist pain or injury and you're not willing to sacrifice performance or safety for comfort, join us. Our patented drive system transforms performance road bike technology into an incredibly fun, liberating cycling experience.

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Which Cruzbike is right for you?

Cruzbike's unique design delivers a tremendous fit range. No need to choose a frame size. But which Cruzbike recumbent road bike model is right for you?

Check out our guide to choosing the right cruzbike for you here.

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Cruzbike Features and Awards

Cruzbike Q45 Recumbent Touring Bike featured in Adventure Cyclist Magazine
Cruzbike S40 Performance Recumbent Road Bike wins Recumbent Bike of the Year
Cruzbike T50 Recumbent Cruiser picked as  a Kickstarter Project We Love
Cruzbike Q45 Recumbent Touring Bike featured in Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine