About Cruzbike

We are a small team at Cruzbike, but we are the luckiest in the world. We get to work for an amazing community of thousands of Cruzbike owners around the world. Together, we are leading a revolution in cycling. Our patented drive system transforms performance road bike technology to an incredibly fun, fast, dare-we-say-liberating cycling experience. We're growing quickly with the mission to make the world a better place by getting more people to ride bikes everyday.

Who are our bikes for?


The way we work


Core Commitments

We are growing the Cruzbike brand with an expanding team, continuing our legacy of innovation and doubling down on our core commitments to you, our customers. Those commitments include innovation in design, excellence in service, integrity in everything we do and giving back.

Innovation in design

Our roots are in innovation. We do not accept the status quo. We do not sit on our laurels. We take what we have learned and move ever forward to the goal of a better bicycle.

Excellence in service

We seek to delight cyclists at every phase of experience of our brand. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to every member of the Cruzbike community.

Giving back

We know cycling can change the world and it can do that in more ways than one. We’re proud to pledge a portion of our profits to 3000 Miles to a Cure, a nonprofit whose mission is to end brain cancer.

Integrity in everything we do

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in every facet of our business from customer service to competition.

The Cruzbike Team

Jim Parker

M.D.Director, Co-founder 2005-Present

In 2005, Jim discovered John Tolhurst’s brilliant bicycle conversion kit after months of searching for a better way to bicycle. He recognized the intelligence and potential impact of dynamic boom front wheel drive technology and invested in its future, forming a partnership with John. Jim now serves as Cruzbike Director and continues to drive Cruzbike’s innovation in product design, constantly moving forward to the goal of a better bicycle.

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Maria Parker

Author, athlete, Cruzbike CEO, and advocate for brain cancer research 2005-Present

Since she Joined Cruzbike in 2005 alongside Jim, Maria has invested in its growth by powering day- to-day operations ranging from customer service and fulfillment to strategic leadership and world record-setting. She has served as Cruzbike Team Racer, COO and most recently is serving in her 2014 appointment as CEO. She leads a growing Cruzbike team, seeking to delight customers at every phase of experience of our brand, protecting Cruzbike’s values and driving its growth.

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Check out Maria's book, Do Tough, here.

Robert Holler

Product and Customer Experience Manager 2014-Present

Like Jim, Robert Holler’s first recumbent was a Cruzbike Conversion Kit. It was one of the first ones made. Since then, he has ridden nearly every style of two-wheeled recumbent and worked in the recumbent industry. Ultimately he returned to Cruzbike as his bike of choice (he now rides a V and a Q) as the best on the market. Cruzbike officially welcomed Robert to the team in 2014. His role as product manager leverages his extensive mechanical knowledge, love for and knowledge of Cruzbike and passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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Lucia Parker

Director of E-commerce 2014-Present

Lucia is a marketing professional, joining Cruzbike with five years of e-commerce experience leading digital and direct to consumer strategy for a global consumer packaged goods brand based in Denver, CO. Her accomplishments include increasing brand awareness, online revenue and aligning cross-channel promotional strategy to drive demand and support overall business objectives. She is also a Cruzbike lover by blood and by choice, as Jim and Maria’s daughter. She is excited to work with the team to grow Cruzbike’s brand.

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