Mechanic didn't "get" cable run and rigged front derailleur routing

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  1. counterpoint

    counterpoint Well-Known Member

    Using the instructions the mechanic from my top shop didn't understand how to route the cable housing and install a barrel adjuster. I was out of town and could not intervene.

    So here's the (working) routing he came up with.

    Should I live with it or go back?


  2. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    A Quick Fix!

    Your mechanic was close, but as you know, not close enough. You could easily remedy this yourself:
    1. Shift to the inner chainring
    2. Remove cable end (ferrule) from front derailleur cable
    3. Loosen cable anchor bolt at front derailleur
    4. Remove superfluous clamp and cable housing
    5. Run bare cable as shown by yellow path with a piece of cable liner to prevent rubbing on BB shell
    6. Pull cable taught and re-anchor to front derailleur
    7. Test shifting from inner to outer ring; adjust barrel adjuster if necessary

  3. counterpoint

    counterpoint Well-Known Member

    cable guide?

    I'm somewhat baffled that a bare wire should run round the bottom bracket. In that case a cable guide should be included or at least indicated in the instructions. After all, I'm paying for the mechanic's time.

  4. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    The only barrel adjuster that

    The only barrel adjuster that is needed is welded onto the frame and is visible in your third photo. Did your mechanic add another one under the bottom bracket...? I see no reason for the amount of complexity added here.

    Also you missed the part of Andrew's post where he suggested using cable liner where the cable goes around the bottom bracket, not a bare cable. Cruzbike's official recommendation is to use a piece of cable housing. It's all there in the instructions.

  5. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    From the Silvio product page,

    From the Silvio product page, these photos are out of date since there is a hole on newer frames below the bottom bracket that removes a kink from the cable, but they may be useful:

    See also page 10 of the assembly manual.
  6. counterpoint

    counterpoint Well-Known Member

    Never seen those photos

    Thanks Jeremy and Andrew, I had never seen those photos (PhotosSilvioFDcableRouting.pdf) and had only the instructions to work with. Page 10 is no great help (I gave it to the mech).

    So liner by itself will do the trick? That was not intuitive to me nor the mechanic. He thought there would be too much friction.
  7. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Vendetta FD routing photos -

    Vendetta FD routing photos - both mine and John Dorlon's. John's Vendetta has an extra hole in the metal webbing/gusset that allows for a better angle to the FD cable clamp and also acts as a cable guide to discourage sideways movement of the cable housing where it goes around the BB shell.

    The Silvio is a bit different with the carbon fiber stays and how they connect into the slotted receivers on the BB but the basic routing geometry is the same.


  8. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    That's one of the most unique

    That's one of the most unique cable runs I've ever seen on a Silvio. One of the major plusses of the Silvio and vendetta is the above average cable routing potential. You might like it better if you take the double bend out of that cable and lose the zipps and extra cable clamp. It also looks like the cable is running on top of the boom or a least on the side towards the handlebars. The cables fit very tidy under the boom and why the vast majority of Silvios I have ever seen run them that way.
  9. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    Just take off everything the

    Just take off everything the mechanic put on, and readjust the FD. Use the whole cable housing around the BB and through the hole, in place of a plastic cable guide.

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