National Day

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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Decked out with flags, a small group of recumbents gathered in the city for a "parade ride." Very rare to see 'bents in Singapore and here was a gaggle of them! We all mounted Singapore flags as today is our young nation's 49th birthday.


    At least 4 Performer bents, 2 Catrikes, 2 Bachettas and some others I couldn't keep track of.


    On this particular ride, only one Silvio made an appearance -- yours truly. But other riders did own another Silvio and a conversion.

  2. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Good looking group. Looks

    Good looking group. Looks like a lot of fun. Marvelous photos.

  3. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    Very cool Ivan, stunning

    Very cool Ivan, stunning backdrop!
  4. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Very nice.

    Very nice.
  5. Greenspeed

    Greenspeed Member

    Happy birthday Singapore.

    Happy birthday Singapore.

    I can see a VK2 low racer. Nice gathering.

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