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  1. Benthead

    Benthead New Member

    Very nice result. I have struggled with getting mudguards. What size tyres do you have and what make of mudguards?

  2. Benthead

    Benthead New Member

    Very nice result. I have struggled with getting mudguards. What size tyres do you have and what make of mudguards?

  3. Lief

    Lief Guru Schmuru

    1) you guys at the left end of the bell curve are rockstars
    2) rubber mallets for the win (Plus an old tire and vice grips for getting the steer tube off - no stem/handlebars available)
    3) glad I didn’t have a problem with
    * off-kilter skewer holes
    * locking nut doohickey
    * plastic washers
    * etc etc

    All ya’lls information and discussion here is invaluable.
    Thanks for being awesome and thanks to Cruzbike for the platform.

    I’ve been away for a while - but my AuburnTigerRed T50 is out of the box and in the stand.
    Starting down the build road.

    Liking 1x11
    Liking 700c but might look more at 20” options for funzies.
    Liking @Emeljay steering option
    Liking the flexibility and look of Euromesh seat.

    It’ll be a slow build but - I’ll keep checking in (now). Maybe one of these days I’ll start a new My Bike Space thread.

    @trplay - I haven’t yet seen (found) pics of your Zwift room. I’ll keep looking.

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  4. NeaL

    NeaL Well-Known Member

    I have a LBS kid here saying he recommends only a single-ring crank for the T50 and 8 gears-max on the drive wheel.

    Quickly scrolling through this post, I see a couple pics where someone has at least a double ring on the crank but I think in all of those, someone had a S40/v20 style handlebar front end.

    Can someone tell me the short and simple answer? Can a 3-ring go on the BB, as-is, or do I need to deviate from what comes in the frame set? How about on the hub/cassette?
  5. Gary123

    Gary123 Guru

    While you're waiting on third t50 frame are u interested in a nice quest with triple and 26 wheels at $500. NC.
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  6. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Yes ANY triple will fit, as the BB is a british BSA68 with external or internal bearings, as a clamp on front derailleur will fit the BB tube (35.6 mm OD).
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  7. NeaL

    NeaL Well-Known Member

    I'll keep it under consideration. Interested in a Quest at that price, sounds good.
    Right now, no. Too many other things are going on but once a current storm of issues has subsided and I can see where I'm at on the other side of things, maybe.
  8. rx7mark

    rx7mark Member

    And no reason, if you want to go with a 1x set up, not to go 1x11, or even 1x12.

    I have a SRAM GX 1x11, with 42t chainring, but sort of wish I had gone with the new 1x12 GX Eagle.

  9. Gary123

    Gary123 Guru

    Good luck with your builds. Not really looking hard to sell but just thought u might need a trainer for the kids. I should probably be looking at n-1 after cleaning out garage.
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  10. Doug Burton

    Doug Burton Zen MBB Master

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  11. RAR

    RAR Well-Known Member

    I have been using 1x for over a year now and am quite happy with it. Sram 10-42 with what ever chain ring- 42/38/34 depending on the amount of climbing.
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