WTB: Cruzbike, Quest v2 (or later/other) model, Perth WA.

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  1. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    I’m looking to purchase a secondhand cruzbike. Had a Quest 559 several years ago but I wasn’t far enough along with my spinal surgery recovery to commute everyday.

    Located in Perth, Western Australia. Tried posting a request to hire/test one a few months ago, but didn’t get any bites. Hoping someone in the forums is upgrading to an S40 (containing my envy), and don’t have space for their old bike.

    Oh yeah - happy new year everyone!
  2. chicorider

    chicorider New Member

    Hello from California,

    I have a Vendetta, a Quest, and a S30, purchased in that order. I use the Quest for commuting, but because most of my miles are on the V and the S, I have at times wished for a frame like those two, but a little more upright and with rack mounts. Then along came the S40. While I do enjoy the Quest, my thinking has been that if I could sell it whole for about what the S40 frame kit costs, I would probably do it. Then along came your post.

    I have upgraded this Quest. I replaced the squeaky, boat anchor rear shock (which still comes on the current Q model), with a much lighter and more supple/adjustable air shock. The chunky, low-end wheels are now zippy-but-still-strong hoops built around WTB hubs and rims (I build all my own wheels, and this was the first change I made). The original budget- level persnickity 2x9 drivetrain is now a smooth and precise SRAM 1x10 setup (my commute is flat, and the 10 speed cassette has a wide enough range to make a front derailleur unnecessary). And the original seat pad is now a Ventisit pad--a definite upgrade. I believe that these upgrades have made a noticeable performance difference over the stock Q bike. It doesn't match the performance of my V or S, but it is definitely a smoother, more comfortable ride. I am the second owner, and while this bike came with the some minor cosmetic knicks and scapes that I call normal for a commuter, the bike is in excellent mechanical condition, I have maintained it regularly, and I don't ride it in the rain.

    The S40 frame kit is $2300.00. If that price range, plus perhaps a little more to offset at least some of the shipping cost, sounds too rich, feel free to say, "thanks anyway." But if that price is not prohibitive, and what I describe above piques your curiosity, let me know and I will take and send pictures.

    Have a great day,

  3. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    Thanks Craig. I’m looking at the $1000 (AU) price mark (including shipping), which I realise isn’t particularly realistic for anyone outside of Australia.

    I have an Elliptigo 8R currently, which I’d sell if the cruzbike works out, but it means I can’t afford any 2k(ish) options unless I know for sure my body can now handle cruzbikes.

    I appreciate the breakdown and the offer though. Has helped to shape my expectations.
  4. bret

    bret Active Member

    Have you checked Gumtree? There's a 451 on the east coast between Sydney & Newcastle. From the angle of the photo, I can't tell if it has the short chainstay or the long one.
  5. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    I’m in discussions with the seller (thanks). From the photos, it looks like it can handle a larger wheel(?) apologies, I didn’t know the chainstay came in different sizes.
  6. bret

    bret Active Member

    I only know from reading about it. Mine (v1) has the longer chainstay to allow 26" wheels. Some were sold with short chainstays that only allow the 451 wheels, and while the rear fork is the same, you'll need to upsize to use larger wheels.

    The photo angle doesn't make it easy for me to tell if this one allows a larger wheel in front.
  7. bret

    bret Active Member

    Perhaps helpful - the 451 Quest is designed to fit into regular suitcase. Videos on Youtube. Might be useful for shipping.
  8. chicorider

    chicorider New Member

    Hi T.

    Happy hunting. Your post and me thinking through my reply has helped me realize that the Quest really is a great commuter. It's slower and heavier than my other two, but it handles the twists and turns of commuting better. Had you said "yes," I would have done it, but I'm just as happy that you said no. I didn't realize that before.

    Have you considered the T50? A similar design to the Quest, but simplified. No rear shock, but probably quite a bit lighter for it. The tire clearance looks large enough to run higher volume tires to give the ride a little cush. Had the T50 been available when I bought the Quest, I might well have gone that route.

    Again, happy hunting, and Happy New Year.

  9. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    Thanks Bret. :)

    I watched that video also. Probably that’s the sellers call: I suspect the total weight is where most of shipping cost comes from.
  10. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    Happy new year to you too. :)

    I’m considering the T50. Between my wife’s decaying road bike and a old mountain cross (with bike seat for second child who’s almost aged out), I should have the parts to put something together. Or rather, someone with bike expertise would [grins].

    Back in the day, it took me a few hours to master my quest 559, but by the time I sold it, I could navigate fairly tricky pedestrian chicanes some upright riders couldn’t. I don’t think I’d be happy with less manuverable bike, so maybe the Quest and the T50 should be my focus.

    Thanks for the food (for thought).
  11. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    Bar misadventure, I’m committing to the Quest 451 advertised on Gumtree (and this forum). Still need to source a longer chainstay, and possibly seat brackets if the DIY ones on the bike don’t work out.

    If the fates roll in my favour, Shipping costs will be the only blemish. If any Australian owners on the forum know of a (cheaper than $300) method of transporting a bike from Newcastle to Perth, please lightly slap me on the back of the head and ask me to pay attention as you detail said method.
  12. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    $218 Allied Express - home to home 15 kg 140*28*80 cm box
    $129 NorthLine - Depot to Depot 15 kg 140*28*80 cm box
  13. crazy_ebot

    crazy_ebot Member

    The box size dimensions I was given to work with were 18kg, 150cm x 40cm x 80 cm.

    I can’t seem to view the quotes you supplied the links to, but assuming they’re valid, the difference is 3kg and 12cm?

    I tried it myself and yeah, it does. Weird.

    I can’t seem to get that Northline quote of $120 though, but thanks for explaining what the ‘commercial’ option was for (I thought I could only access the residential option). I’ll give northline and allied a call and figure out where their depots are.

    Very gratefully for the assist. :)

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