This is our fastest bike. At 20 mph, this bike needs about 25% less power from its rider than the fastest upright bike. People have and will continue to set world records on this bike.
$ 2599


This bike is roughly equivalent to a road bike in specification, but is a little faster and of course solves any ergonomic issues a rider may have. Fully compatible with road bike components, group sets and wheels.
$ 2699


This is our travel and commuter model, with nice components, included rear rack - oh and by the way, it can fold down easy into a suitcase or into the back of a car.
$ 1995


This is our all-purpose bike, for commuting, touring or for just getting around town.
$ 1195


Using our kit you can build a cruzbike to your own specification.
$ 395

Accessories and Extras

Drop some essential cruzbike items into your bag. If you already have your bike and just need some accessories, use this option to order individual items like bottle cages, a jersey, mirror, etc.
$ 0