Cruzbike Fit and Adjustment

Proper fit on a Cruzbike will greatly enhance your riding experience, optimizing both comfort and performance.  We've put together tips for Cruzbike fit and adjustment here that will help you get started. Reach out to anytime if you have questions along the way.

Begin with a great initial fit by following the guidelines below.

Then fine tune your fit as you ride. You'll find your preferences change as you get more and more comfortable on the bike.

Pedal reach

Cockpit clearance

Arm height

Arm bend

Headrest position

Seat angle

Seat comfort

Fine tuning fit can take time. But soon you will be dialed in for the ultimate ride.

Here are three rules to follow while you fine tune your fit: 1. Make small adjustments. 2. Make only one or two adjustments at a time. 3. Ride a good 5 to 10 miles to really get a feel for the adjustment.

Fit questions?

We’re here to help get you dialed in! Send us an email at You can also check out our Fit and Adjustment videos on YouTube.