Who Needs a Test Ride?

8 reasons you might want to skip a test ride.

Are you sitting on the fence about buying a Cruzbike? Wondering if you should find a test ride somewhere before you commit? I've provided test rides to hundreds of people eager to see if a Cruzbike will work for them. But is it always necessary? What are the arguments against a test ride? …and who should definitely NOT skip this step?   

Here are seven reasons you may want to skip the test ride and jump straight to owning your own Cruzbike.

  1.  Test rides are inconvenient. While the number of Cruzbike owners is growing fast, you may not live near someone with a Cruzbike who is willing to loan you theirs. Therefore you may have to drive a long way.
  2. The bike will probably not be adjusted to fit you.
  3. Learning to ride confidently takes hours, if not days (or sometimes weeks). Ten minutes with the bike is not nearly enough time to determine if you are going to love it six months later.
  4. Your test ride might be in a crowded parking lot or somewhere that you do not feel comfortable. People are watching you, and it’s hard to relax.
  5. Many of the most avid Cruzbike riders (including me) bought their first Cruzbikes without ever test-riding one. There are countless hours of videos, scores of articles, blogs, and forum posts about the Cruzbike learning curve from customers all over the world. If you’ve done your research, you already know what to expect, and what the reward will be once you learn.
  6. When you have your own bike you can customize it to feel just right; which will make the learning process more comfortable and more fun.
  7. A "good" test ride does not guarantee you will be a good match for the Cruzbike. We had a customer who had a great test ride, bought a bike, but then had to sell it within a year because it made him too fast to ride with his wife anymore and his marriage was suffering. 

Who really needs a test ride before they buy? There are two groups that I definitely recommend should take the time for a test ride.

Riding a Cruzbike is certainly more comfortable for most people than riding a traditional bicycle, but both require a certain level of strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Anyone who can ride a traditional bike, can learn to ride a Cruzbike. 

Therefore, for anyone with a disability or unique physical limitation that prevents them from taking a short ride ride on a traditional bike, I recommend making the effort to find a test ride. The main purpose of the "test ride" is less about riding the bike and more about sitting on it and feeling how it might help (or aggravate) your specific situation. 

The other important consideration is fitment. Will the bike fit you? The four Cruzbike models will fit a large percentage of the adult population, but not everyone. Therefore,  people who are very large, tall, or short should take the time for a test ride. Included below is a Cruzbike fitment guide. Look-up up your height and weight  to see if you fall in the green, yellow, or red zone. 

If you are 1) in the green zone, 2) can ride a traditional bike, and 3) have done your research online, then just pick your model and buy it. Then you can learn how to ride it at your own place and pace.

If you are in the yellow or red zone (as are many happy Cruzbike owners) then I suggest you have a test ride. Due to variability of body shapes and limb-length ratios, the fitment guide can't predict 100% accurately who will be able to ride a Cruzbike. Don't lose heart if you aren't in the green zone. There may still be a Cruzbike in your future.  





  • Maria Parker

    @Gary, @Kevin, @Neal – We are so grateful for customers like you.


    I am definitely in the RED zone and can attest to the flexibility of the S40 design. Between a stem riser, curved slider, and back wedge options, a good fit was still possible for me. Anyone who might feel discouraged by this chart, I recommend not giving up until you can test ride a Cruzbike and explore what component options are available.

  • Gary

    As a Cruzbike owner who got a test ride, I can tell, that I knew after the ride that I could learn to ride the bike, but that it would take some work to get good at it.

    As a Cruzbike owner I’m more than willing to pay back the test ride I got, and having given a test ride to a local person it was a lot of fun. Yes I had to readjust my bike as I am tall and they were not. Including removing the extension on my bike, and shortening the chain. But it was totally worth it because the test rider was doing circles in the parking lot after only 15 minutes! It really helps if you can reach the pedals! And I spent 2 hrs doing the test ride, between fitting my bike to them, the test ride, and putting it back together for me.

    So while a test ride in the parking lot won’t tell you everything you need to know to ride the bike, knowing that there is a tribe out there to help you is a big selling point.

  • Kevin Farrell

    I got my S40 without a test ride. I knew I wouldn’t need to as I had all my research done on Cruzbike website and YouTube.
    You won’t regret it.

  • Lucia Parker

    @JD thank you for weighing in and sharing your experience (and for your gushing praise!) :)

  • JD

    Excellent advice. I’m downunda and purchased without a test ride v2 / v20 . I’m in the green zone for reference. Like most things you get out of it what you put in. So it is with cruzbikes and a test ride won’t let you in on the big payoffs of long term ownership. Gushing praise I know…….but of my five brands of recumbents cruzbike is a standout for quality product service and community.

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