How to Measure X-Seam for Recumbent Bicycles (and why it matters)

The x-seam measurement is used to estimate whether or not a person will fit on a recumbent bicycle. It is especially useful for very tall/large people and very small people who may fall outside the fit range of a recumbent bicycle.

Here is the simplest way to measure x-seam. You don't even need to get on the floor.

  1. Stand inside a door frame (no shoes) with knees straight, heels flat on the floor and against one side of the door frame. 
  2. Bend forward at the waist and rest your head on the other side of the door frame. 
  3. Reach behind your back with either hand and slide the back of your hand down your back until the fat part of your hand stops on the door frame. 
  4. Keep your hand exactly where it stopped or place a Post-it note to mark the spot and measure from the floor to the bottom edge of your hand.
That is your x-seam.
Note: if your x-seam measurement is close to the edge of a Cruzbike x-seam fit range, consider a more precise measurement like the one Robert describes in this video to be absolutely certain. This is especially important for very tall riders. The x-seam fit range is listed on each Cruzbike product page.
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