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  1. trapdoor2

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    I have a mount for my Galaxy 12.2 tablet...can always watch old movies. If I move the laptop out there I could watch DVDs. I'll come up with something. I'm saving for a Kickr Snap...that should do the job.
  2. DavidCH

    DavidCH In thought; expanding the paradigm of traversity

    Has anyone backed this


    Seems like the perfect travel companion whenever I go to a frantic hot country like the Philippines, I could take it with me.

    The power meter trainer sounds like exactly what I need, I assume that this would give better statistics than the powertap powercal belt.

    Just started at the local gym but the thought of being stuck indoors for hours is like being the nodding polar bear psychotic syndrome. I seemed somehow to sweat 4 times as much as usual as the aircon was non existent.
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  3. ratz

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    DC Rainmaker has a prototype and did a right up. It's only real flaws are (1) you have to have a metal wheel; (2) it's really a zero inertia trainer, so that takes some adapting to. (3) not an erg trainer so you must manually control the resistance with your gears.
  4. twhbent

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    Mr. Ratz, please add me to your list of participants under Group C.
  5. Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold Active Member


    I'm still trying to figure out power meter on the bike. It looks like you have gone the pedal route. What are your thoughts about loosing the float and walkability of the Frogs?
  6. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    I get the trying to figure it out part; I waffled and hemmed and hawed for month last winter reading every article and trying several different routes.

    The big barrier for me was cost and compatibility with short cranks, q-rings, and the current V20/S30 clamping system. In the end pedal based (PowerTap P1, BrimBrothers, and Vector) where the most compatible and P1's the least problematic. The float in the P1's has been sufficient to protect my knees; if I needed more I would have gone BrimBrothers and SpeedPlay Zeros'.... While I an advocate for Frogs for beginners and all things non-competitive; I don't find them well suited for competitive stuff where you have to really lay into the pedals over and over for sustained periods; that's asking more than the pedals was designed for; single track and down hill MTB is a vastly different sport...

    So in the end buyers remorse (yes I do get that, contrary to the myth), lasted about 2 outdoor rides and after that I couldn't be happier with the choice for them on the road. I still have somethings to sort out for the trainer side if I want to use them indoors for consistency there are some ANT+ /BT issues because they are new tech and the TR update with the new BT stack isn't out yet.

    When the new clamping system (described at the retreat) ships on future bikes people will have more options to use 30mm spindles which come in short crank version and power meters etc. That will allow single bike people to get a great crank and meter for $700 total; until then and for those with the existing frame or more than 1 bike, I think the P1's are the best choice with the exception being the price tag if you use sub 165 mm cranks; if you use 165mm or longer then stages is the option which saves $400 but gives some trade offs.

    Walkability on Keno cleats is the least offensive of the road type so that's been ok; it does appear that we'll burn thorough 2-4 cleats in a season at $9 a pop to replace; could be worst.
  7. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    please could you tell me if an extra long qr skewer is needed to use a tacx trainer? My new to me Vendetta 1.5 seems too wide for my current rear skewer. Thanks.
  8. MrSteve

    MrSteve Zen MBB Master

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  9. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    If you have older skewers then CB always push the edge of the lengths they came in. With the advent of 132.5mm frames the "Standard" skewer has been gravitating towards one for 135mm wheels. The new ones just work better. CB always included a longer one with the frame kit in the past, and those usually fit on a trainer. In most cases get a 135mm wheel skewers or an even a longer one from a tandem. Then just use a nut with a through hole on the trainer where it doesn't matter if the bolt comes through the far side and sticks out. The one MrSteve posted should work for most people based on the reports from other users on the forums.
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  10. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    Many thanks Mr Steve.
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  11. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Just a heads up a few people have start popping their heads up saying they are gearing up for joining in and that's great.

    If you have been contemplating getting a trainer; hold on that thought until the end of the month. Interbike is coming fast and all the new trainers will be announced on or about Aug 31st and the scuttle butte is that there are more than a few; including a new Kickr that is quieter. These changes have a chance to push more used Kickrs into the e-bay market as a lot of people want quieter. It may also be the Wahoo slots the new one in at the old price point and shifts everything downward. If they do that will ripple the entire market as Wahoo really sets the price point. So hold tight and let's see what happens. Dcrainmaker.com should have all the details the same day the news hits.
  12. Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold Active Member

    I just got an e-mail from Wahoo offering the KICKR at $120 off (10%). I think Ratz may have been right about Wahoo releasing KICKR v2.
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  13. Always-Learnin

    Always-Learnin Loving Life

    Ratz, I would really be interested in joining but I need a trainer and some form of power meter (I have read about the options above). I will wait as you suggest on the trainer.
  14. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    We will be starting up the first non beta group in September-October. The goal is to debug those people and get them acclimated to the program by the end of the month of October, First 3 weeks of October are training offseason; the they make a good time to play around learning how everything works.. Use this link http://cruzbike.com/forum/conversations/add?to=Ratz to start a new PM to me if you want in this round and I will provide the CODEs and instructions. At times, I may be a little slow (36 hours to respond until after Sept 20th) Those without Trainers yet hold tight 5 more days and all the new models, should be announced. Cycleops has already put out a competitor to the Kickr Snap that drives the prices down $100... The good news is that Ray has promised his guide will be out in September this year; not October as in past years. It's a footnote at the end of this review http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/08/cycleops-magnus-trainer.html
  15. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    As a side note; of course right after I post that Wahoo did send an email out that says the Kickr Sale $120 off ends on August 30th. That may imply that they will drop the current model and just sell the new one at the old price point of $1199; versus keeping 3 models in production. So if you're a gambler you have to factor that the possibility of New and Better at $120 premium or Current very good at $120 off. My suggestion there would be if the $120 is a deal breaker get a new model in the Kickr Snap "class of devices"; the awesome floor mat and with that your Trainer Road account will be free for 1 year, and you'll have funds to replace your training tire about 8 times. :) Wheel off is better; there is no doubt, but if the price delta which is typically $500 keeps you on the side lines then it's not that much better; not at all.
  16. Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold Active Member

    Wait...what? Free Trainer Road account for 1 year? Awesome floor mat? Did I miss something?
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  17. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    If you buy a Kickr Snap instead of the full Kickr that's $500 less; that pays for your Tires, Floormat, and a year of trainer road, $300 +$60 + $99 <=$500
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  18. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Now that sounds more like it!
  19. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    First of the price slasher in the direct drive market

    The Accuracy being only 5% currently isn't a problem for structured indoor training; since we FTP test and then train indoors against it; as long as the unit is consistent ride to ride; the training result will work just fine. For a road cyclist this would pose some problems when taking power out on to the open road; but frankly for US on recumbents that's already a problem we deal with as indoor and outdoor power is vastly different on Recumbents; far more than the 5%.
  20. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Trainer tip of the week:

    A lot of us use a wheel stand to keep the S30 and V20 straight when on a trainer, nothing more annoying than staring at a crooked boom for 2 hours while you pedal. If you are using a wheel off model (Kickr, Neo, Flux, etc) ; they are expecting a front tire on the ground and a rear wheel on the trainer. If you add the wheel stand your S30 and V20 will be tipped forward on the trainer and this will change you pedaling position and your muscle engagement. This is a much bigger issue on a Recumbent than on a DF and can cause you to train the wrong muscles. So when using a wheel stand be sure to measure the rear axle high and adjust the trainer to be of equal height. On a Kickr this usually means setting the wheel size two sizes larger than what you are really using. Just check with a tape measure to be sure.


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