The Q559 is a great choice for touring, long rides, short rides and family rides. It’s the Cruzbike that fits nearly everyone and does nearly everything. Plus, the Q frame folds in half, so you can fit in your trunk.

The Q559 has robust rear suspension and an adjustable seat back allowing a choice between riding in a city -friendly upright position, or a more aerodynamic reclined position for longer or faster rides. Once adjusted, the Q559’s disc brakes and internally geared 3x9 hub components are very low maintenance and the wide range of gearing easily climbs any hill.

Buying Options

The Q ships 75% assembled. Unpack and assemble/adjust it yourself or have your local bike shop do it using our detailed drawings and instructions downloadable from Q559 Resources on this page. Customers who don't have a local shop may also purchase an assembly and freight package for the Q.

Easy Fitting

The Q559 adjusts easily with the flip of a Quick Release lever. This makes it the ideal bike for sharing with family!


We’re here to help. Send us an email at or call us at 888-225-2789. Sometimes we’re not immediately available by phone, but if you leave a message, we will return your call.

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Remove the seat and rear wheel, release the shock, and the whole frame folds in half for transport in small vehicles or storage in small spaces.


The Q’s adjustable front boom fits nearly everyone, and is easily adjustable using the quick release lever in a matter of seconds. The Q559 seat angle can be adjusted between 35 and 45 degrees so you can dial in your comfort level. Riding the Q559 provides a panoramic windshield view of the world while you ride and your position is high enough to make eye contact with automobile drivers.


The Q559 has serious rear suspension smoothing out everyday rides and allowing you to take the road less travelled in comfort, should you desire. Loaded for touring and the road gets rough? The Q559 will ease the jarring and even out the bumps to make it a comfortable ride.


The Q559 is equipped with a SRAM 3x9 Dual Drive front hub that can be shifted at a complete stop. It is coupled with a 9 speed, 11-28 cassette delivering a wide 27 gear range.


The Q559, constructed with 7005 T6 treated aluminum alloy is designed with strength in mind. Q559 customers have put thousands upon thousands of miles on their frames.



The Q559 uses the same dynamic boom front wheel drive technology found in Cruzbike's record setting performance bikes, the S30 and V20, allowing riders to use upper body and core to climb hills and accelerate from stops. Learn more on our Performance page.


  • Frame:7005 T6 aluminum alloy folding frame with robust rear suspension.
  • Front Traingle:Custom designed power triangle with telescoping calibrated inner tube giving a huge 11” adjustment; plus oversize 34.9mm outer tube for additional stiffness, and constructed from quality 7005 T6 aluminum alloy. Diacompe Diatech headset
  • Handlebar:600mm wide alloy seagull; 65mm drag; 43° down swept, Alloy anodised black; Grips:SRAM Dual Drive
  • Cranks:Square Taper 155 mm with single elliptical ring
  • Brakes:Disc brakes front and rear. Avid BB5 mechanical disk brakes on wave style rotors, 160mm front and 140mm rear, mated with Avid levers
  • Shifters, Gearing cassette:3 x9 SRAM Dual Drive, equivalent to a 54/42/26 crankset paired with 11-28 derailleur system giving 27 gears. The middle position is direct drive, the upper and lower positions are planetary gears. The Gear-inch range is 26.3 to 124.7, gain ratio is 2.15 to 10.2
  • Front Derailleur:N/A
  • Rear Derailleur:SRAM Dual Drive
  • Wheels:26” Front Hub: SRAM Dual Drive; Rear Hub: alloy hub with sealed bearings, Spokes: 14g stainless steel & brass nipples, 32 count, Rims: A-RIM DC17 alloy double wall 6061
  • Tires:Maxxis 26x1
  • Shock:Kind Shock Kspeed 261
  • Seat:Custom 2-piece Cruzbike Seat made of pressed alloy with protective rubber edge trim.Seat base and backrest are independently adjustable. Cushions are machine washable dual layer reticulated polyester open cell foam on top of EVA closed cell foam enclosed in a sportswear polyester cover.


X-seam range: 33 - 46 in


14.5 kg (32 lbs)


Wheelbase 1067 mm 42 in
Backrest Angle (varies by adjustment) 35 - 45 degrees
Length of Bike (varies by adjustment) 1753 - 1956 mm 69 - 77 in
Seat Height (low point) 533 - 737 mm 21 - 29 in


Q Touring and Commuting Rack

Transform your Q into the ultimate commuter with Cruzbike's new rack specially designed for the Q. Made sturdy for fully-loaded panniers and trunk bags this rack is as robust as it is good looking. It is compatible with Racktime Snap-it Trunk Bags, baskets, and panniers, and any other existing bags.

Q Heavy Duty Rack

The heavy duty rack for the Q559 is sleek and strong, designed as an extension of the seatpost. It will hold up to 50 lbs and is ideal for holding a crate you can throw groceries or books into. This rack works with the Q559 2.0 and 3.0 models. Requires new holes to be drilled in the backrest for installation.

Ventisit for Utility Bikes

The Ventisit seat pad has an open structure with a layer of air between you and the seat, nearly eliminating a sweaty back. It is 3 oz, (85 grams) lighter than the standard Cruzbike cushion and provides noticeable suspension, but it’s not too soft. The material does not absorb moisture and you only need to shake it after a rain shower.

Zefal Bottle Cage

We have selected lightweight and highly functional bottle cages at great prices. The Zefal Spring bottle cage is a great looking and functional one piece black thermoplastic resin cage. It weighs only 46 grams. This is the bottle cage Maria used on her 12-hour world record. We supply the exact bolts and nuts that you need to smoothly mount either of these cages on your Cruzbike backrest. We suggest you purchase two for each of your Cruzbikes.

Zefal Spy Mirror

A versatile, lightweight mirror that mounts with no tools required. Universal mounting. This mirror works with all our bicycles.

THE Q FOR YOU: Q559 vs QX100

Gearing SRAM 3×9 internally geared hub equivalent to 54/42/26 crankset paired with 11-28 derailleur system giving 27 gears. SRAM 2×9, (2 chainrings and a 9 ring 11x 28 cassette)
Gear inch range 26 to 125 26 to 107
Gain ratio 2.15 to 10.2 2.0 to 8.2
Can you change gears at a stop? Yes No
Adjustability of boom Front boom easily adjustable for all ranges Changing front boom length may require adjustment of front derailleur at extremes
Tires Maxis 26 x 1 Innova 26 x 1.5
Carrying capacity Light duty integrated rack included, optional touring rack and heavy duty rack available Optional touring rack and heavy duty rack available.
Elliptical chainring for smoother more efficient pedaling Yes No
Weight 32 Lbs 31 Lbs
Can you use it on a trainer? No Yes


Elliot Marshall Cruzbike Quest Rider Story

Elliot Marshall

Arlene's Cruzbike Quest Rider Story

Arlene Lucas Villa



was cleared to ride today, just 2 weeks post op from neck fusion surgery! How great it is to be back on my Quest. I had a wonderful 15 mile ride and it was like I never stopped riding these past 2 weeks. I had shown the surgeon a picture of the bike and he suggested "judicious use of the rear-view mirror". I knew there would be no problem as my Quest hastened recovery from a lumbar fusion a year ago. Now that my spine is stable again, I'm looking forward to another Century ride on my 65th birthday in a few months. I may try for 130 miles this time (2 miles for each year of life).

Jack (Savannah, United States)

I have had my Quest now for several months and am happy as a speckled pup. Having been involved in the design and build of several hundred recumbents (, I think the Quest has hit it on the head. Above Seat steering, folding and front drive are all what I have had on my wish list. John covered them all. Prof Bill Patterson

Bill (Santa Maria, United States)

thought I'd try and post a comment just coz I'm so wrapped with my Quest. Had it for about three months now and it is used daily for ride to work - fast and comfortable. For years I've been riding at weekends with a bunch of moderately keen guys who I can usually just about stay with and recently I took the Quest along instead of my usual road bike. I took a few cracks about the weight and the rear view mirror (some of the boys seemed to think it should have three wheels??) then left them for dead. How good is it to have one bike that copes with the daily grind to work, has a rack, kickstand and rear view mirror then outperforms carbon frame lightweight conventional roadbikes? Also comfortable and fun to ride. My only problem now is that I have 4 other bikes in the shed and don't seem to be using them. Thanks John and the Cruzbike team.

Geoff (palmerston north, New Zealand)

Well, it's been almost 2 months and I am loving the bike. ... I hopped on my MTB today, and wow did I miss the Quest. It's amazing how used to the Quest I've become, and how nice and efficient a ride it is. Thanks John and the Cruzbike team for a great bike!

David (San Ramon, United States)

For me, it was an evolutionary process. I found that I wasn't enjoying bike rides with the family anymore. After even short rides of less than 30 minutes on my mountain bike, my neck, wrists, elbows and shoulders would all be aching (not to mention my backside). I started to look for alternatives. Most "comfort bikes" allow the rider to sit more upright but I thought the position was awkward because I ended up very high off the ground. I didn't like the feeling of such a high center of gravity. I had read about recumbent bicycles and went to try a few out. Although the seating position was a bit better, I found the turning to be awkward. Additionally, the chain so ridiculously long that it bounced around a fair amount and actually slipped the rear drive on occasion. Research led me to the Cruzbikes and while I debated about purchasing a conversion kit, the Quest was announced and caught my eye. What a sexy bike! Everything about it intrigued me. I loved the color, the design and the fact that it folded as well. I eventually made the leap of faith and bought one for my own. Assembly of the Quest was easy and I was soon testing my balance in a nearby empty parking lot. It was tricky at first but once I learned to relax and actually stop "trying" to ride the bike, things sort of clicked and I began to zip around without any problem. My wife and daughters learned to ride as well! I'm back to enjoying family bike rides again and slowly getting used to people commenting as I ride. I always smile whether it's kids saying "Cool bike, Mister!" or older riders teasing "I think you assembled that bike wrong." Whenever I stop, people inevitably come by and ask about the bike which I'm happy to promote and show off for them. So that's why Cruzbike is MY bike and will be for many years to come. Happy Cruz'ing!

Tom (Norfolk, United States)

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