12 Reasons You Might Want to Tour on a Recumbent Bicycle

There are few better ways to travel than by bicycle. It’s the perfect antidote to the worries, stress and uncertainty of these times. Traveling by bike is healthy and friendly to the planet, the pace is perfect for both taking in the scenery and covering ground and you get to explore the roads less traveled. Plus, it’s challenging enough for an afternoon beer and a meal in the sun to feel satisfyingly well-earned.

So, why might you want to do it all on a recumbent bicycle? Here are our top twelve reasons. Some of them might surprise you:

1. This is not your grandfather's recumbent.

We’ll start here just so it’s clear what we’re talking about. Often when we tell people we ride a recumbent road bike they look quizzically and say, “Those low things with the little wheels?.” Nope. These are not the low-riding trikes you may be picturing. At Cruzbike, our bicycles and frames are gorgeous and our patented drive system leverages the best of traditional cycling geometry but with a simple shift, makes it ridiculously comfortable.

Photo above: Nick's Alpine County Death Ride on the Cruzbike S40. Full post here.

2. It's way more comfortable.

This benefit can’t be overstated when it comes to touring. The vacation is the time in the saddle as much as it is enjoying the destination. On a recumbent bike, you will be as comfortable on day ten as you were on day zero. No saddle pain. No wrist pain. No back pain. You also get to save room in your panniers because you won’t need the padded shorts and chamois cream.

Touring on a recumbent bike

3. We've got all the accessories you need.

Speaking of that free space in your panniers, Cruzbike offers all of the racks and accessories you need to outfit your bike for a great bicycle touring adventure. And we’re in stock.Cruzbike S40 outfitted for touring

4. More people are doing it.

Recumbent bikes used to be for the more eccentric engineering-minded among us. But in the last five years, that has changed. More and more people are discovering that having a ridiculously comfortable performance recumbent road bike like Cruzbike is the best of all worlds.

5. It’s safer.

This one often surprises people. Recumbent bikes like Cruzbike not only protect the neck, back, wrists and saddle from the common musculoskeletal issues associated with riding a traditional road bike, but also keep cyclists safe on the road by reducing head-first impact in the event of a sudden deceleration. Bikes like the Cruzbike S40 put the rider in a comfortable, safe riding position at eye level with motorists and with a great view of the road. One of Cruzbike’s founders is a physician and he’s summarized the important health and safety research here.

6. There’s a great view.

On a traditional bike, the natural place for your gaze to rest is on your front tire. To look around, you have to lift your head up which can strain and fatigue the neck. On a recumbent bike, you ride in a comfortable seated position that allows you to see all around you.

7. Standard parts and components.

Cruzbike’s patented drive system uses all standard road bike parts and components so repairs on the road are no big deal and can be done by any bicycle mechanic or wrench-friendly owner.

8. You can throw it in a rack.

Cruzbikes have standard wheelbase lengths so they easily fit in wheel-holding racks for transportation along the way.

9. Did we mention it’s comfortable?

It’s incredibly freeing to be able to plan a trip without worrying about pain. That means you can add back those days you took off the itinerary and you’ll enjoy every single mile on and off the bike.

10. It’s a great icebreaker.

This bike speaks every language and makes friends fast. It’s a show stopper and people can’t help but ask about it! We love how riding a recumbent bike helps connect us to new people whether across town or around the globe.

11. The people are great.

The bicycle touring community is wonderfully welcoming and supportive. And so are recumbent riders! We’ll never forget meeting a crew of local recumbent cyclists in Osaka, Japan. Though we didn’t speak each others’ languages, we spent a wonderful day together, shared laughter, local food and enjoyed a tour of the city we never would have experienced on our own.

12. We’re in stock (for now!).

We got in a big new shipment of the incredibly beautiful Cruzbike S40 endurance road bike just before bicycle industry supply chains slowed down. That means your order will ship within two business days. The S40 is perfectly-suited to road touring. We offer under seat and rear racks, panniers, bottle cages, lights and mounts for any accessory your adventure needs and we’re here to answer any questions.Cruzbike S40

Whatever steed you choose, here’s to wonderful adventures ahead.


  • Roger Cox

    Do you have a dealer in western Michigan? Or maybe the Detroit or Chicago areas? I am seriously looking at getting the S40 before the 2022 cycling season. Thanks!

  • Cruzbike Team

    @Colin – Yes! It will be a whole new world riding a dialed in complete Cruzbike. We ship worldwide but unfortunately do not have a dealer in the UK. Our list of dealers (including international) is here, in case you find yourself nearby https://cruzbike.com/pages/dealers

  • Colin Boyd.

    Years ago, I bought a conversion kit, but wasn’t satisfied with it. I’m now looking for a ready built Cruz, in the UK. Are there any dealers near Liverpool, please?

  • Cruzbike Team

    @Dan and @Bob – A quick release Rohloff can be fitted, however the shifter for the Rohloff does not fit a road bar like the S40 uses, so it would take some creative work by a bike shop to make it work well.

    @Bob – We do not recommend an e-conversion for the S40, as the dropouts are not big enough to handle the torque of an electric motor. But we do have a great electrified Cruzbike called the T50e. You can find it at cruzbike.com/products/t50e.

    @David – We have a great dealer in Portland, OR – Rose City Bicycles you could check out! We’re quite picky with our dealers and really only partner with shops who personally love Cruzbikes. If you have a great local shop who may be a candidate, send them our way!

    @Ellen – Thanks for your interest! Riding a Cruzbike requires the same balance as a traditional bike. A trike may be a great option for you if balance is your limiting factor!

  • Ellen K. Pritting

    I am 65 years young and have osteo-arthritis throughout my body. Will I be able to balance properly on the Cruzbike? I am not able to balance well on a regular bike, I am 5 1/2 inches tall. Also, will I be able to ride uphill or on a gravel path or roadway. Thank you from Vermont.

  • David Pomeroy

    When might you be getting more dealers on the West Coast, namely Seattle area?

  • Dan Van Buskirk

    Can it be fitted with a rohloff

  • Bob

    Can it be outfitted with a Rohloff? Can you do an eBike version?

  • Bryan Cox

    I’ve been a recumbent rider for 25 years now, so I’m not in the market for a new one, but the CruzBike looks great. I am an advocate for encouraging all bike riders to stop wearing black, hard to see, clothing, and move to bright colors. I’d urge you to do the same in your advertising.

  • Cruzbike Team

    @Mike – Yes! That is awesome. Ride on.

    Imran - So glad you're enjoying your S40 in the UK. With some practice it should be a great steed for your hilly city. You might find these two resources helpful: Tips for fast climbing (blog post) https://cruzbike.com/blogs/blog/tips-for-fast-climbing and Riding tips and techniques (video) https://youtu.be/G8Of-QS_w7M. Also, we're always here to answer questions and provide support at supportcruzbike.com.

    @Bruce – Complete Cruzbikes ship with components pre-installed. Plan for 2-3 hours for assembly if you are a novice. Experienced mechanics will be able to complete the assembly in about 30 minutes. The V20, S40 and T50 are also available as framesets which do not include any components. With a frameset you can work with your local mechanic to craft the perfect custom build for your riding preferences.

    @Bill Marty – YES!

    @Nick – You rock! Keep rolling!

    @Jack Hart Great question. The S40 is a beautiful performance road bike designed for long fast riding and the option to carry gear – racks, panniers, etc. The V20 is designed for all out speed. It’s a time trial bike with a much more aerodynamic and laid back seat angle (20 degrees) and far more limited carrying options.

  • MIke

    There is no other type of bike that will permit a not so well trained 75 year old, that’s me, to ride 75 miles in a day and arrive without wristpain, without neckpain and with a backside that I still can sit on.

    Also, I have noted the following. On shorter breaks the recumbent rider will often remain seated when upright riders will dismount. Why? Because his/her bike is often the most comfortable seat around.

  • Imran

    Hi Guys
    I have an s40 I bought a couple of years ago. I had it shipped out to the UK where I live. i bought via a store in NYC. It is really great, and really thrilling to ride, especially on flats and downhill.

    However, I have not yet mastered going uphill on it, and I live in a hilly city. Apparently there is a technique to shift weight on the Cruz, but what that technique is, escapes me.

    Any tips, advice, videos, support demos, much appreciated.

  • Bruce

    Does it ship assembled? Or does the buyer have to put it together?

  • BIll Marty

    It’s simple: The farther you’re going, the more you want to be on a recumbent.

  • Nick

    Great list, the Cruzbike design is top notch! Really easy to try out various standard components. Two years and many thousands of miles into my S40 now; keeping safe with Zwift and solo rides! – Alpine Nick

  • Jack Hart

    What’s the difference between the V30 and the S 40?

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