2012: A look back

January 20, 2013/ Jim Parker

There are many exciting things planned for 2013, including the release of a revised Vendetta frame, and Maria competing in solo RAAM. Before we get too far into 2013, it’s worth a look back at 2012, which was a banner year for Cruzbike and the Parkers.

Cruzbike, Inc., had its best year yet. Sales started off strong and continued until we were sold out of our most popular bike – the Sofrider, and the hottest race bike on the planet, the Vendetta. The Silvio, Quest, and CB-kit also remained popular and helped make 2012 such a good year. We are constantly working to improve the design and function of our bicycles, and that means they are made in relatively small quantities. While this approach helps us advance product development, it results in frustrating stock-out situations, which we don’t like any more than you, our friends and customers.

Maria and I each raced well over 1000 miles in 2012. The Vendetta makes us look good. As we get more miles on the Vendetta, we increasingly appreciate its comfort, speed, and climbing ability.

My 2012 events, and results, were:

Florida 400-mile RAAM Challenge: 1st overall, course record
Mid-Atlantic 100-mile Race: 1st male overall, course record
Michigan 24-hour National Challenge: 1st male recumbent, 6th overall
Bike Sebring 12-hour: 1st recumbent (3-way tie), 4th overall
Heart of the South 200-mile: 1st recumbent, 2nd overall

But my results pale in comparison to what Maria did in 2012:

Three new UMCA road world records: 200-mile, 12-hour, and 24-hour
Mid-Atlantic 100 mile Race: 1st overall (male or female), course record
Michigan 24-hour National Challenge: 1st female overall, course record
Bike Sebring 24-hour RAAM-qualifier: 1st overall (male or female), course record
Heart of the South 200-mile: 1st female, course record

In 2012, I also began writing a column for Ultracycling Magazine called “The Recumbent Perspective”.
see page 22 of the summer 2012 issue.

and page 18 of the fall 2012 issue.

These articles are written to present recumbent cycling to the world of long-distance DF riders.

An excellent online pulbication is UltraRaceNews, by John Foote. My Florida 400 RAAM Challenge write-up is here.

And the report of Maria’s records is here.

That’s the quick report for 2012. Here comes 2013. Our first event is Bike Sebring, where, once again, Maria will be tackling the 24-hour non-drafting event, and I’ll be having fun in the drafting 12-hour event.

Happy Cruzing,





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