7 Reasons I ride my V20 on a Smart Trainer in the winter (even though I love to ride outside)

7 Reasons I ride my V20 on a Smart Trainer in the winter (even though I love to ride outside)
  1. It’s a lot quicker to get a workout done. With my V20 on a smart trainer in the garage, I can hop out of bed throw on some shorts and be working out in about 5 minutes. No hat, no gloves, no shoe covers, no lights….well you get it. To get ready for an outdoor work out in the winter takes me about 25 minutes - in that amount of time I can get a good workout in.
  2. I can catch up on all those shows people are always talking about. I often feel out of place in a social setting when conversation turns to all the great shows and movies everyone is streaming. During the winter I catch up. I’ve recently finished season three of “Travelers,” all three seasons of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfried,” and am working on “Shameless” and “Jack Ryan.” Got any other ideas? Send them my way!
  3. The workouts on a smart trainer with TrainerRoad kick my butt. When I’m riding on the road and I want to go easy, I go easy. The smart trainer doesn’t let you do that. I can bail out if I must, but generally if I choose a workout and load it up, I do the whole thing.
  4. No excuses if it’s snowing, raining, foggy, hurricaning, etc. The smart trainer/V20/TV combination absolutely eliminates excuses.
  5. I’ll be ready for spring events. I love showing up at the first event of the season, whether it’s a race or a local ride, knowing I have done my work consistently on my V20/Smart Trainer.
  6. I’m at home. Working out on my smart trainer/V20 in my garage allows me to babysit my sleeping grandchildren, have conversations with family members,or even do some work via the phone. If I need to meet the cable guy, the plumber or the Fedex delivery person, I’m on site.
  7. I can feel smug when those Peloton Commercials come on. I know I’m getting a great work out, but I’m not hurting my back or my rear. Furthermore, when spring comes, my bike goes on the road to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Because after all, for me cycling is about moving through this beautiful world, whenever possible.


  • Marcel

    I’m also using the Kickr for my indoor training with the V20. With the IOS App “Hurts Ergo” I can sync my workouts from Traingpeaks and control the Kickr.
    … and yes. I’ve finished the complete Game of Thrones / Blacklist / Sherlock Holmes / Star Trek / Suits Seasons….

  • Eric J Fleetwood

    8. I can put the mileage on a cheap tire/spare wheel.

  • Maria Parker

    Thanks for your questions. Jim and I both use Kickr smart trainers on our V20s, but they would work for the S40.. Check out the Kickr Core. Lucia uses the Tacx Flux S which is a little cheaper. I just had a kicka** workout while I visited her in Boston this weekend. . If anyone else has any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.

  • Hardy Swinson

    Join us on a Zwift/ discord ride and you’ll find reason #8.

  • mike ryman

    is there a trainer for the silivo if so. where. to get it and the price tag. thank you…

  • doug swantek

    Which smart trainers do you recommend? I own a Cruzbike S40.

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