Ben Tomblin sets new recumbent record for Assault on Mt. Mitchell

June 7, 2015/ Maria Parker

This was originally published in Bentrider Online by Jim Parker

Tomblin Tumbles Recumbent Climbing Record: Assault on Mt Mitchell

Yesterday, Ben Tomblin finished the 102 mile race to the top of the highest peak in the eastern US in 6:23:42, racing a Cruzbike Vendetta. The 15-year old recumbent record set in 2000 by Doyce Johnson stood at 6:39. Maria Parker took over 25 minutes off of the women’s recumbent record, which she set last year, finishing in 6:58:57. Larry Oslund, also riding a Vendetta, finished in a very impressive time of 6:40:47.

The racers welcomed some cooling rain on the final 27 miles of climbing.

Ben’s time not only set the overall recumbent record, but replaces the rookie recumbent record set by Charlie Ollinger last year (in a time of 6:53:48).

Here is an updated list of Assault on Mt Mitchell (AOMM) recumbent records:

Fastest man: Ben Tomblin, 2015, with a time of 6:23:42
Fastest woman: Maria Parker, 2015, with a time of 6:58:57

Fastest male rookie, 2015, Ben Tomblin, with a time of 6:23:42
Fastest female rookie, 2014, Maria Parker, with a time of 7:25:53

First man to complete it: Doyce Johnson, 1999, with a time of 7:19
First woman to complete it: Shari Bernhard, 1998, with a time of 10:38

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