Our new Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat makes the best recumbent bikes even better

We are always thinking of new ways to improve the enjoyment of riding on a bicycle. We started Cruzbike to make the best, fastest, most fun recumbent bicycles ever. And to keep improving, we listen to feedback from our customers and are constantly riding our own Cruzbikes.

We cringed when we heard some of our customers were drilling and modifying the frames of their Cruzbike V20s or S40s in order to mount a generic recumbent carbon fiber seat made in Eastern Europe.

Our stock seat is a beautifully simple carbon fiber design that fits directly on the hydroformed frame in order to use the frame as structural support for the backrest for the simplest, lightest support.

However, some customers found it uncomfortable because the backrest is flat, rather than curving forward at the shoulders.

For some people, having the backrest curve forward is a game-changer, making the riding experience much more enjoyable, reducing neck pain, and improving the view of the world ahead.

Best recumbent bicycle is even better with the new Carbon Fiber Adjustable SeatWe studied the seat that people were buying and found that it came in four predetermined lengths (small through x-large). Getting the shoulder curve at just the right spot is essential for comfort. If the curve is too low, the top will dig into your upper back. If the curve is too high, you might as well have a flat backrest.

People come in more than four sizes. So we designed the Cruzbike Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat, which allows an infinite range between S to XL so you can fine tune the backrest to fit you precisely.

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat for Cruzbike Recumbent Road Bikes

It's also designed to fit directly on the hydroform tube for maximum efficient support (and no mods to the frame).

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat and Headrest Frame Attachment to Cruzbike Recumbent Bicycle

It comes with a lightweight integrated headrest system that is comfortable and highly adjustable so you can get the cushion for your head/neck exactly where you want it and at exactly the right angle. By moving the headrest mount from the in-frame struts to the backrest, we freed up the in-frame struts for easier mounting of lights, cameras, water bottle cages, etc.

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat and Headrest for Cruzbike Recumbent Road Bikes

This upgrade has taken our enjoyment level of the Cruzbike V20c and Cruzbike S40 from an 8 to a 10. We thought it was a 10 before, but after a few rides with the new adjustable carbon-fiber seat, we realized we had to "reset" what a "10" felt like.

As this is published, Maria and I will both be using the new Adjustable Carbon Fiber Seat and Headrest as we ride across the state of Georgia as part of Big BRAG. You can order yours here beginning 6/14 at 11 a.m. EDT. We love to ride with other Cruzbikers, so if we don't see you there, hopefully we will see you on another road soon.

Jim Parker

Cruzbike at BIG BRAG 2022

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