Catching rays on the Cruzbike

July 19, 2009/ Maria Parker

Thanks for all of your supportive comments! I finally got back on the bike on Thursday morning for an easy 22 mile ride with my daughter (who was on her sofrider v2). I was just a little sore after this weekend’s ride. When Lucia and I ride together it is always fairly easy. We average about 15-16 mph and we talk during a lot of the ride. She has come to love the Cruzbike. When her parents initially got into Cruzbiking she was not enthusiastic. She was, and is, very much into popular culture and could see that Cruzbike was different. However, she eventually saw and understood the beauty of Cruzbike and is now bugging her parents to buy a Silvio for her.

One of Lucia’s ideas that has become a terrific addition to my Cruzbike wardrobe is the tube top. One of her concerns with Cruzing is the unpleasant tan lines that are created when we spend hours out in the sun riding. One of our dealers once said that cycling on a Cruzbike is like lying in a tanning bed. She didn’t want the ugly lines on her shoulders later when she was wearing a sundress. Her suggestion was to try a tube top. I haven’t worn one since I was 16, so I was at first resistent. Also as a holdover from my running background, I always wore an athletic bra. However, as she pointed out, there is no jostling when riding the bike, so looking good is more important than keeping the ‘girls’ still. We bought a couple and now I wear one (with appropriate sunscreen) quite frequently. It feels cooler and the whole experience of riding feels more vacation-like and beachy. The weather here is quite hot and humid this time of year, so that’s an advantage. Happy Cruzing.

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