Changes at Cruzbike

January 28, 2015/ Maria Parker

Nine years ago Jim discovered John Tolhurst’s brilliant bicycle conversion kit after months of searching for a better way to bicycle. He was thrilled to have a comfortable recumbent bike that he could ride without musculoskeletal issues. It wasn’t long before I had my own converted bike and was riding long distances with him happily and comfortably.

We soon wanted the rest of the world to experience our new-found joy in cycling and Jim contacted John Tolhurst and asked if we could partner with him to bring his designs to market.

A partnership was formed, rooted in a shared mission and belief that these bikes can change the world. Together, Jim and John transformed Cruzbike into a company that sold not just kits, but fully built bikes. Over the next few years John designed faster, smarter and more beautiful front wheel drive bikes while Jim and I rode them, raced them and managed the day to day operations of a growing Cruzbike.

It has been a delightful, exciting and challenging partnership.

Recently, as two-wheeled recumbent sales have slowed and Cruzbike’s growth turned into decline, we all decided we’d like to put more investment and emphasis in marketing Cruzbike and developing new products. As at the beginning of our partnership nine years ago, we were still dedicated to our mission to change cycling and the world forever by opening the world of fast recumbent bikes that can climb to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, John, Jim and I did not agree on how to move toward that shared goal. After months of heart-rending discussion, we all concluded that we must reorganize Cruzbike’s ownership in order to move forward. Ultimately, John decided selling his shares, rather than purchasing ours was his best path forward.

We will miss John and his brilliant designs and we are grateful to him for all he has taught us and the new world of cycling he has exposed us to.

Jim and I are excited to grow the Cruzbike brand with an expanding team, continuing and honoring John’s legacy of innovation and doubling down on our core commitments to you, our customers. Those commitments include innovation in design, excellence in service, integrity in everything we do and giving back.

We are so grateful to you, as you are the heart of this company and have become our friends.

As ever, Jim and I are available if you have any questions.


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