Cold weather

January 14, 2010/ Maria Parker

I’m finally back to riding my bike regularly. I have made it my resolution to make this the first winter to ride outside on a regular basis. I’m so fortunate to have a group of dedicated riders who awaken early to meet at 5:45 am and ride regardless of the temperature.
The coldest weather I have ridden in so far …19 degrees… I’m very impressed with myself! The hardest part of cold weather riding is getting dressed. I am slowly learning that I need to cover most of my body with multiple layers. The dressing takes at least 1/2 hour and when done, my son tells me I look like Darth Vadar. The last ride I did, I think I froze my eyeballs. I had neglected glasses because they would fog up, but have decided a foggy view is better than iced eyeballs.
The payoff to these wintery rides is the delight of a gorgeous sun rise over a frosty, crystal covered field, and that first hot cup of tea after you walk through the door.

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