Come with us to Bessies Creek Challenge Races

March 16, 2016/ Maria Parker


 “I also wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to try one of our bikes to come out. We’ll have a QX100 to demo with Jonathan, our finest Cruzbike newbie coach! You’ll also be able to see several V20s in action.”

Finally recovered from my trip to Taiwan, I’ve gotten back into my regular cycling training routine. I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for my biggest race of the year. I plan to race the 24 hour race at Bessies Creek, an hour west of Houston, TX on April 8-9. The race begins on Friday evening and finishes on Saturday evening. Cruzbike rider Jim Parker will be there competing in the 6 hour race, and Ben Tomblin will be joining me in the 24 hour race. If there are other Cruzbikers planning on riding, please let us know!

I’d like to invite anyone in (or out of) the area to come watch us race. Having members of the Cruzbike Community around is encouraging and we all race better.

Tom Roberts, a long time friend, customer and part of my 2013 RAAM crew and Rob White’s 2015 RAAM crew will be there to help crew along with Jonathan Garcia, our new Cruzbike sales representative, and dynamite mechanic.




When Tom’s around, you know you’re in good hands. He’s crewed two RAAMs and the Texas Time Trials.

We’d love to see you, please do come.

I also wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to try one of our bikes to come out. We’ll have a QX100 to demo with Jonathan, our finest Cruzbike newbie coach! You’ll also be able to see several V20s in action.

16Jan-Jonathan-intro-03 (1)

Jonathan is an all-star Cruzbike teacher and dynamite mechanic. He’ll be around to with a QX100, if you’re interested in trying a Cruzbike. Photo Credit: Paul Brown
If you can’t be there in person, we’ll try to post to the Cruzbike Facebook Page so you can follow along. Thanks for your wonderful support.


  • Paul Brown

    Yes, you may use my photo of Jonathan… he was a good teacher on how to ride a Quest , and it was a pleasure meeting him in person! Happy to support Cruzbike and Jonathan!

  • Maria Parker

    Thanks Paul. We should have asked, but didn’t know you took it! Thanks for your support of Cruzbike and the team.

  • Susan Winchell

    Was thinking about you just yesterday and thinking about how I have often meant to write and see if you were doing ok. Time has a way of slipping by. Is there a time that would be best to come say hello and wish you well? The Cruz bike has changed my life. I still love my Quest and still ride. I would like to try a Silvo if possible? Is there a time for doing that too?

  • Maria Parker

    Hi Susan, thanks for reaching out. I’d love to see you. I’ll be available Thursday evening between 6 and 9 p.m. and Friday morning before noon or Saturday after the race (after 7 p.m.). We aren’t planning to have a Silvio S30 at the race, but we may be able to get one there from a local rider. If not, you can get a sense for it from sitting on one of the V20s. I hope we can connect. I’m on the road to Houston today but I’ll email you, tonight, too.

  • Thomas Waters

    Good Luck, Maria and all Cruzbike participants! I really wanted to drive down there from the Dallas area; but unfortunately caught a virus that’s going around. I enjoyed watching you and Jim several years ago at the Glen Rose race. Ever since you helped me to get my Softrider on a trip to North Carolina in 2008, I have enjoyed Cruzbiking – put over 15,000 miles on it!

    Would love to try a Vendetta and see the rest of the crew. I recently acquired a second Softrider and tried to get my wife to learn to ride it. She is retiring and I retired 2 years ago. As Jim said in the “Laid Back Bike Report” the other day, it was difficult. She never rode much when a kid; never developed the muscle memory of riding balance. She wiped out twice, skinned some hide and bruised herself badly. She will not try again. I am in hopes that soon you will have a three-wheel option. At 70, neither of us have the balance skills we once had. The three-wheel option could be the difference; otherwise, I will have to get a trike to get her to ride anywhere.

  • Lucia Parker

    Hi Thomas! Thank you for the well wishes for race weekend. I’ll make sure they get to Jim, Maria and Ben! Get well soon and keep in touch about the Vendetta. I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s experience. Fingers crossed on the three wheel option!

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