Cruzbike Dominates Battle of the Brands at Bike Sebring 2020

Our muscles are sore but our hearts are full today as we reflect on the community of Cruzbike riders who came out and made us incredibly proud this weekend at Bike Sebring in Sebring, Florida.  Twenty-one riders traveled to support us and together, we as a Cruzbike family, put up 2764.6 miles in the Battle of the Brands. The other recumbent riders were great sports and had some excellent performances, but Cruzbike had more miles and more racers than all the other brands combined!

Cruzbike's CEO, Maria Parker, flanked by rival CEOs both wearing Cruzbike colors.

This is our love note to you, our Cruzbike family. We were busy suffering through our own ill-prepared races, so we didn’t get a chance to thank each of you as personally and with as much gratitude as we feel.

Thank you so much for all you do to make running this company the most rewarding job in the world.  Thank you for making the trip, many from very far away (Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada!)  Thank you for doing the miles, some with little or no training. Thank you to those who came and supported riders with words of encouragement, water, and food. Thank you to those who couldn’t come to Florida, but supported the rest of us with your funny and encouraging comments on the forum and Facebook.

Jim, Robert, Lucia and I (along with Marianne and Brandon back at headquarters) are so appreciative of your brilliance, your kindness, your friendship, and your enthusiasm.  Thank you for making Cruzbike so much more than a bicycle company.
































  • Cruzbike Team

    @Thomas, so glad to hear you are recovering!! Sending you healing thoughts as you regain your strength.

  • Thomas H. Waters, Jr.

    Glad everybody had such great fun! Wish I could have been there, but I’m currently recovering from a heart attack (100% blockage in the main artery). Lucky to be here. Working out, trying to get back on the Softrider that you helped me buy from Crowley’s in 2008 (about 15,000 miles on her). Had to get off and walk it up a steep hill the other day. Hurt my pride. Maybe it’s time, at 74 years of age, to look at a T-50e !

  • Lucia Parker

    @Brad – it was so wonderful to meet you and ride with you on my first ever Century, too. You really helped ease my nerves and made it much more fun than it otherwise would have been. Happy 60th!!

  • Taufik

    Amazing so many iders came down, I think this should be spirit of many rides which encourage participation, even as volunteers

  • Brad RIedle

    Thank you for organizing the Battle of the Brands!!

    I was looking for something special to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday and the invitation to participate helped make this event an easy choice.

    I met a lot of nice people and I completed my first ever century! I am very happy that I came. Now, I have to decide which more efficient bike I want to get to make the next one a little easier.

  • Gary

    Well several of the other teams have a better miles/person average, but It’s still amazing that so many folks would take the time to go and ride! But like Lance A. says, “it’s not about the bike.” In his case it was about the drugs, in Cruzbike’s case it’s about the tribe and the comraderie!

    Oh and the new paint job obviously added an unfair performance enhancement, because who can ride slow with a fast paint job? It just begs you to keep the pedal down!

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