Cruzbike is Growing and Changing

August 12, 2018/ Maria Parker

We’re delighted to announce that the Cruzbike warehouse and headquarters is moving to the lovely riverfront town of Newburyport Massachusetts. Newburyport is about an hour north of Boston and just south of thousands of miles of beautiful New England roads ideal for cycling. We have acquired a new warehouse and office space within walking distance of downtown Newburyport. We are renovating it now and will be moving into it during the next few weeks. Bicycles and accessories should be shipping from Newburyport beginning around September 5th. Currently, our inventory is on the road between Portland Oregon and Newburyport, so please be patient as shipping may be a little delayed through the end of the first full week of September 2018.

As many of our owners know, the Cruzbike warehouse was in Portland Oregon (after being in Lumberton for the first few years) where Robert Holler did an amazing job shipping your bikes and accessories and answering your technical questions. Robert has been integral to Cruzbike’s success and will continue to answer support e-mails. He is also moving onto the production team and has established great relationships with our vendors.

Jim and I live and work in Lumberton where Jim continues to work as a radiologist. He is also the director of Cruzbike and is one of the founders of Cruzbike. He is responsible for many of our new products and ideas.

Lucia is at our new headquarters in Newburyport Massachusetts. She manages marketing and is an excellent strategist. She is responsible for our beautiful website and the e-mails you receive. Fortunately for us, Lucia’s brother and sister-in-law live very close to Newburyport and they are the parents of three of our precious Grandchildren. Jim and I naturally spend a lot of time in the area and expect to, one day soon, live close enough to see our loved ones daily.

In other exciting changes, we have a new designer. Brandon McKean lives in the Boston area and is an experienced bicycle designer. We’re delighted to have his fresh ideas and expertise as we continue to honor our commitment to innovate. In his spare time, Brandon plays tennis, makes furniture, skis in the winter, and has started a modest vinyl collection. Jacob Bouchard is still part of the Cruzbike family and consults with us, but is taking advantage of wonderful opportunities that are taking him westward.

We also want to welcome Marianne Curcio aboard. She lives very near our new headquarters and will be taking over shipping and sales. Marianne has always loved living near the beach and enjoys surfing, swimming, and traveling with her husband and their two children. She is very excited to begin her journey with Cruzbike and is learning quickly.

We at Cruzbike are all so grateful for the continued support of all of our Cruzbike family of owners. Your enthusiasm, your support of new and potential customers on the forum, your willingness to demo your Cruzbikes and your friendship are the reasons Cruzbike is thriving and continuing to grow and why it’s fun for all of us to do what we do. Thank you!

Maria Parker, CEO



  • Daniel Simms

    I just got my new Blue S40 Friday night. I had it assembled by bedtime and couldn’t wait to try it out ! Success !! After a bit of time in a parking lot In the Am I went out last night and rode about 3 miles. I was ALL over the empty road and inclines were killing me but it getting better. I’m looking forward to a summer full of Cruzbike rides !! Thank you for a great bike.

  • Mark Jardine

    I want to buy a v20 Cruz Bike. And have it shipped to Monroe, Oregon. Is there any other color but that black. Thanks, Mark

  • Dave Neilson

    Great News, I have friends in Newburyport, another reason to visit!

  • Maria Parker

    Glad to hear that Dave. It is a beautiful little city.

  • Keith Kling

    That’s great news! I have many relatives in the area and may be visiting there this year. I’ll have to drop in.

  • Maria Parker

    We’d love to see you Keith!

  • Diana L Cooper

    Typo: it says you’re currently near Portland Oregon.

  • Lucia Parker

    Hi Diana, before the move we were indeed in Portland, OR. We’re unpacking and getting the new warehouse online in Newburyport, MA now

  • NeaL

    Will this mean that the 2019 Cruzbike Ride Retreat will likely be somewhere up in New England, instead of North Carolina?

  • Maria Parker

    We are not yet sure where our next ride retreat will be. It is likely that it won’t be in North Carolina or Portland Oregon.

  • Mark O'Brien

    Welcome to Newburyport ! I hope Brandon gets the trike bug and designs a marketable trike conversion for the Vendetta or a dedicated frame not changeable full on race trike time to shake up the world again with innovation. Hope all is well with family & friends .

  • Larry Pearl

    Maria and Jim, welcome to the neighborhood. We are Newburyport Framers in unit #3. Of course we want to hear your story of how you arrived in Newburyport from the other coast. Let us know if we can be of help settling in.
    Patti, Sherry, Marisa, Larry

  • Stephen J Lavinio

    Wishing the Cruzbike team continued success in your new location. Having grown up a New Englander spending vacations in Seabrook Beach I’m very familiar with beautiful and quaint Newburyport. You couldn’t have picked a better location to live and work.

    Hope to visit you new location the next time I pass through.

    Still riding and enjoying my S40.

    Best regards.


  • Maria Parker

    Thank you so much Steve!

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