MJ McClure on the Cruzbike V20 Recumbent Road Bike

MJ McClure rides the Cruzbike V20, which is the fastest recumbent road bike in existence. It's also, in his words, "as docile as kitten" when ridden to be. Enjoy this quick list of the impressive range of cycling adventures and accomplishments MJ has achieved on his Cruzbike V20 in 5000 miles of riding.

Fastest Recumbent Road Bike Review - Cruzbike V20

I know I've mentioned it before, but man I love this bike! It really is the do it all Superbike. Here are some things I've done with my Cruzbike V20 in almost 5,000 miles of riding:

  • Several century rides (8 or 10, I didn't go back and count)
  • Taken something like 50 Strava KOMs, everything from half mile sprints to short hills to rolling 5-milers to 28 mile loop courses.
  • Ridden in stop and go traffic in town.
  • Commuted to work.
  • Ridden slowly on crowded MUPs weaving around walkers, joggers, and dogs.
  • Ridden in temps from 20°-105°F.
  • Ridden on a long flat rail trail that featured 100m of gravel (this was my most recent ride, no I didn't get off and walk the gravel.)
  • And on and on...

The main thing I still want to do is enter a race, even a time trial, with it. I'm hoping to do the Blue Streak TT in Ohio in June or July and maybe an HPRA event if any of them go down that I can get to. I have to laugh at people who say the Vendetta is a man eater. If ridden sensibly it's docile as a kitten. I would argue that the MBB layout makes it more stable in slow, technical situations than any other bike of equivalent speed potential. Get yer own, this one's mine for the duration!

MJ McClure

Originally published on the Recumbent Riders Facebook Group May 7, 2021 and shared with permission.

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  • David Plantenga

    Hello MJ,
    Enjoyed reading how pleased you are with your v20.

    Do you know of anyone or have you installed 20" wheels on their v20?

    I’m contemplating buying a v20 frame kit and installing 20" wheels to lower the center of gravity.
    I realize a larger chain wheel will be necessary to reach speeds 25-30 mph.

    I would appreciate your or anyone’s thoughts with a v20 with 20" wheels.

    Thanks …

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