Curve appeal: A womens perspective on Cruzbiking

July 15, 2009/ Maria Parker

This past Saturday I rode 211 miles on my Cruzbike without stopping. Well, almost without stopping, I did stop for stop signs, red lights and to take Gu packs or water. I had never ridden that far before and am pretty proud of myself.

Before I got my Cruzbike, I was suffering with a sore neck, shoulder and wrist everytime I went more than 20 miles on my diamond frame bike. I endured the pain because that’s how I thought it was supposed to be. The minute I rode my husband’s first Cruzbike from a conversion kit, I was sold, and have never gone back.

Though I have to admit the first time I saw it, I thought it was weird, I don’t think so anymore. Like a princess who has finally kissed the right frog, I have discovered the incredible beauty and sexiness of riding a bike where my best feature (my legs) are the star of the show and my worst part, (yes, my butt), is safely hidden where it should be, cossetted by a comfortable seat with no horrible pressure numbing the parts I might like to enjoy later.

I hope over the next few weeks and months to write about riding my Cruzbike Silvio (and my other Cruzbikes) and share my experience as a woman in the world of Recumbents. In case any of you women out there are wondering: you can be comfortable, look good and ride fast. Happy Cruzing!

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