Race Report: Bike Sebring 2024 on the Fastest Recumbent Road Bike Ever

Bike Sebring is back! A terrific showing of Cruzbike Vendetta V20c racers laid down nearly 1800 miles and some lightning times on the fast new course. After the original organizers bowed out, Larry Oslund, Cruzbike dealer, and racer, restored and modernized the Sebring 12/24 bicycle race. We had a blast.

At the 7:15 am start, the drafting riders pushed off. I didn’t expect to be in the front group, but I was trying to keep up with Ken Halzhausen as he accelerated quickly to 25 mph on his Cruzbike V20c.

He set a blistering pace for the first large 36-mile loop and it was all I could do to hold on to his draft.  I was grateful to pass the baton to my partner, Laura Crawford, who began making laps on the butter-smooth small loops.

Meanwhile, other Cruzbikers were racing around the large and small loops in their various events.  We had at least 10 Cruzbikers riding there and most of them set records in their respective races.  We’re so proud and grateful for the Cruzbike showing, proving once again that the V20c is the fastest road bike in the world.

All of the results can be found here, but a special shout out to the following Cruzbike riders who did us proud:

  • Jim Parker 102.6 miles in the 6-hour non-drafting event
  • Ken Holzhausen 127.50 miles in the 6-hour drafting event
  • Robert Huiest 212.60 miles in 12-hour non-drafting
  • Jeff Moore 216.32 miles in 12-hour drafting
  • Laura Crawford and Maria Parker 274.00 miles in team 12-hour drafting
  • Doug Haluza 291.00 miles in 24-hour non-drafting self-supported
  • David Lalejini 371.02 in 24-hour non-drafting self-supported
  • John Crawford 408.4 miles in the non-drafting supported 24-hour- RAAM qualified!

A special mention goes out to all of the people who supported us, especially Hardy and Connie Swinson who took a break from virtual racing to help and encourage us real-life racers. Mary Savage, V20c racer John Crawford's sister, also reported on the race for Ultracycling Magazine. Check out her coverage here, including this behind the scenes video:

*Larry Oslund and Kyle Larsen also brought their Cruzbike Magic prototypes out for some fast times.  Larry set 7 (yet to be certified) WUCA records earlier in the week and Kyle did the 100-mile timed event.  Both finished their events on Cruzbike V20cs.


  • Larry Oslund

    I can’t wait for next year – I think we will just do the 3.7 mile loop the whole time!

  • Ron Thompson

    Looks like a great time, wished I was there. A medical thing kept me out this year but I have high hopes for 2025!

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