First spill

August 11, 2009/ Maria Parker

I’ve had several firsts since the last time I blogged. I’ve felt really puffed up lately because I have been doing more and more miles. I even did a 150 mile ride completely on my own. However, today I had a first that I have been dreading – my first fall from the Cruzbike while I was moving quickly. Fortunately, my fall didn’t involve anything hard like a car or another bike, just me, a sharp curve and the road. I was going too fast for this particular turn and the next thing I knew, my bike and I were on the ground. I have a little road rash on my arm and leg and my shoulder is sore, but I am otherwise ok. The bike made it for the most part too, although it will need a little work. I’m mostly happy to have survived something that I have feared for a long time. Tomorrow I’ll work out on the indoor trainer and hopefully be back on the bike on Thursday in time to do another long ride. Lesson learned: take the turns carefully and with full concentration. Happy Cruzing!

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