Glen Burmeister Sets off for World Records on the S30

May 18, 2016/ Lucia Parker

We’re excited to cheer on new Cruzbike owner, Glen Burmeister, as he pedals after a series of world records starting Sunday May 22, 2016. He’s chosen the Silvio S30 as his machine of choice in the record attempt that will take him across more than 7,000 miles. We’re looking forward to following his adventures and wishing him an awesome adventure ahead!


Loughborough Adventurer Sets off for New Series of World Records

On May 22, 2016 Loughborough-based adventurer Glen Burmeister will set off from Bragança, Portugal in a bid to set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to visit all 24 contiguous EU countries by recumbent bicycle. On his way to Haparanda, the finish point in Sweden, Burmeister will also attempt to set records for visiting the most countries in 24 hours, in one week and in one month. Burmeister will cycle more than 7,000 miles in pursuit of these records. To set the records, every inch of the journey must be cycled, which means no ferries may be used to cross rivers.

No stranger to breaking records, Burmeister already has seven Guinness World Records to his name. His records include fastest journey across Europe (North Cape to Tarifa) by bicycle (since broken) and fastest journey from Land’s End to John o’Groats by elliptical cycle. Burmeister’s EU record attempt in May will be his first using a recumbent bicycle. “The journey will be completely self-supported so everything taken will need to perform at the highest level or it will have to stay at home”, said Burmeister. For this journey, Burmeister will be riding a Cruzbike Silvio S30 equipped with a Rohloff internally geared hub. He chose Cruzbike for its dynamic boom front wheel drive system, which allows it to climb hills more quickly than any other recumbent. Burmeister was also inspired by the history of records already set by Cruzbike riders.“I’m proud to join the ranks of Cruzbike cyclists who have ridden incredible journeys for great causes,” Burmeister said.

Setting four new records isn’t Burmeister’s only goal for the journey. Glen is also raising money for the charity, Rainbows Hospice for children and young people and preparing for a much bigger adventure ahead. “The big dream has always been to circumnavigate the world, and I hope to attempt this in July. This journey will be a fun way to prepare myself mentally and physically for such an immense challenge and hopefully bag me a few more records along the way.”

You can track Glen’s progress live on his website at and on Facebook at



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