Going to the Texas Tejas Time Trials

September 7, 2011/ Jim Parker

I’ve got a partner covering for me at the hospital and we have a sitter for the house and dogs. So now all we’ve got to do is pack up and make the 1200 mile journey to Glen Rose, TX for the 2011 TTTT.

We’ve been looking for a good venue to demonstrate that the Cruzbike Vendetta just might be the fastest climbing road bike on the planet (upright or recumbent). Therefore, we needed to find an annual event with established time standards that 1) had hills and 2) doesn’t allow drafting. We had a great time at Bike Sebring in Florida in February, but the 12-hour race course is flat as a pancake and how fast you go depends a lot on who’s in your paceline.

The 26.5 mile loop course at the TTTT has about 1400 ft of climbing every lap. Thus, 200 miles out there in the Texas heat requires climbing over 10,500 feet …and pacelines are not allowed.

Maria is planning to ride in the 12-hour “Challenge”, and I’m planning to ride in the 6-hour “Shoot-Out”. This will also be the first time Maria or I have ridden a production Vendetta in a race. We are both very excited because the bikes are so fast none of our local DF road bike friends want to ride with us anymore. The races are on Saturday September 24. We hope there will be lots of other recumbent bikes coming out for the event. Hope to see YOU there.

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