Here’s Why You Need a T50e

T50e electric recumbent e-bike

We all know the #1 advantage of a recumbent… a more comfortable ride. But the downside to all recumbents is they are harder to get started from a stop. The T50e makes getting started as simple as turning a throttle. So if you are riding through town with a stop sign every block, no sweat.

Is there a hill you have a hard time climbing? Or maybe a hill upon which you just don’t want to get sweaty. You power the front wheel as much as you want with your muscles and the brushless hub motor will power the rear wheel with 300W (peak 500W). Pretty soon, that hill will be a pleasant memory. Even hills with loose dirt/gravel are no match for the T50e because you can tackle them with both wheels under power. Take a look at this short video of Robert Holler climbing up a steep dirt and gravel slope at the Cruzbike Ride Retreat. This would be hard on a mountain bike, but the T50e handles it easily.  

The T50e makes bicycling on a recumbent through town or over hills a fun and practical way to get wherever you want to go. Put a rack and panniers on it and go load up on groceries, or go downtown for dinner and don’t worry about finding a parking space for your car.

There have been electric-assist Cruzbikes for almost as long as there have been Cruzbikes. The Cruzbike rear wheel, since it is completely unencumbered by a chain or drive system, has been inviting electric conversions since at least 2006. We have planned for many years to produce a factory-made electric Cruzbike. Battery technology has progressed and become more affordable, so we feel now is the time. We designed the T50 frame to be extra-robust, which is why it is the frame for Cruzbike’s first production e-bike.

We have been using e-Cruzbikes to help people learn to ride Cruzbikes for several years. If you already know how to ride a Cruzbike, then you are ready-to-go. If you have never ridden a Cruzbike, having the throttle to help get you moving will make the learning process easier and less stressful.

The T50e is not designed to be an electric motorcycle. The top speed from the motor is 20 mph. The motor is designed to help get you going from a stop and provide assistance to you when you need it.

The price is right.

You can find electric bicycles for a lot more money. You can find low-cost e-bikes for less money. But you won’t find an e-bike as comfortable as the T50e at any price.



  • Diana Cooper

    I was so excited when the t50e first came out and bought one right away. I’ve loved it ever since. Why did you stop making it?

  • Richard Snyder

    Been following the T50e since I saw them (when they were on sale in the clearance warehouse). I don’t see any indication that I can buy one now that the clearance is over. Are they gone for good, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

  • Lucia Parker

    Hi @Hank! The Sofrider is an awesome bike! Yes, we are committed to supporting all of our bikes including the T50e.

  • Lucia Parker

    Hi @David D. It’s definitely not for people who prefer pedal power only :). The throttle makes it really easy to start and stop and zip around town or up very steep hills, but owners can still pedal it as much as they want and get a great workout in if that’s among their personal goals.

  • David Downes

    Isn’t resorting to using an
    electric motor sort of like
    cheating? After all, the
    overall objective should
    be for the cyclist to get
    the exercise, not a motor!
    David D.

  • Sean Bell

    Hello… if you convert make sure to learn about torque arms:

    My conversion works well. Depending on power you might not need it but to me it makes sense to not lose a rear wheel at e-power speed so buy from the factory or do your homework.

  • Hank Zimmerman

    Hi, I have been the original owner of a Cruzbike Sofrider for about 15 years. I had ridden it a lot years ago, but over the past years, it’s been indoors as a stationary exercise bike. I live in a mountainous area and am hitting my 70s. The hilly gravel roads have always been a tough ride here on that bike. I do also now own a Lectric XP eBike, but have always dreamed of adding electric power to the Sofrider. Either way, I know I am going to need parts for this bike eventually. It’s still a great bike. Do you handle an inventory of replacement parts for this bike? Thanks — Hank

  • Robb

    Thank you

  • Lucia Parker

    Hi @Robb! The rear end of the T50e has wider, robust rear dropouts specifically designed for an electric hub and our electric setup was custom designed and fitted. It is not available as a kit. But if you do want to electrify your T50 this is a great resource:

  • Robb

    Will you be offering a conversion kit for current T50 owners?

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