How to change the front tire on a Cruzbike

Changing the front wheel on a Cruzbike - particularly if you get a front flat on the road - can look intimidating, but if you practice it a few times you will find it to be very easy and trouble free.

Basically the front triangle of a Cruzbike is like the rear of a traditional bike,  just pivoted 45 degrees or so. The chain, derraileur, and brakes all interface similarly to the way they do on a traditional bike.

The two main differences are:

  1. The front end of the Cruzbike pivots
  2. The front chainstay can separate from the fork

Some of my pro tips include:

  • Face the drive side of the bike out and rest the front end in your lap
  • Hold the boom/slider as close to the steer tube/headtube as possible. This will prevent the front from suddenly popping apart from the chainstay.
  • Never set the bike down on the rear derailleur as it can bend the hanger. Even a slight bend can cause shifting problems later.
  • If the rear derailleur and hanger does pop out - remember it only goes in one way and ensure that it sits in the gap at the front of the chainstay before attempting to tighten the skewer.

This video is a good example of how this process works, including some pointers for when the front chainstay disengages from the fork, and if the rear derailleur pops out from the chainstay. When these things happen it can look tragic, but never fear - the process for re-assembly is not too hard, as everything can only go back together one way.

I always recommend taking a good look at the front of the bike to make a mental picture for how everything looks when it is complete, or snap a few phone pics before removing the wheel. Definitely practice your wheel removal skills at home, and you will easily be a pro on the road if you find yourself needing to change a front flat.



  • Gary Chuck

    I thought the derailleur hanger was bolted on with a small screw to the triangle..

  • Steven A Sipma

    Thank you for the well done tutorial. I was completely bamboozled when I got a front flat. This should be required training before going out on a ride. Thanks, again Robert!

  • Greg M Lowe

    Super helpful video! Thanks. Now I feel somewhat more confident if I ever get a flat on the front tire.

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