How to install fenders on a Cruzbike

Installing fenders can be a real McGuyver chore on any bike, and recumbents are no stranger to this. Many brands carry their own custom fenders and mounts because there is nothing else on the market that will work.

At Cruzbike, we have designed our frames and forks to accept many fender brand on the market, but it is important to understand that lots of fenders exist and some are more flexible for installation challenges than others.

The key feature to look for in a good fender for a Cruzbike is adjustability in where the struts attach to the fender. Look for the type that extend past the fender and can be adjusted for length.

Avoid fenders that have plastic clips that attach the strut. They break too easily and are not as adjustable for length. Also avoid fenders that have struts that “loop” inside or outside the fenders, unless the ends of the struts that attach to the bike are adjustable for length.

Robert created a video explaining various fender installation options for all of our Cruzbike models.  You can find it here:

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