Introducing: MAGIC Carbon Fiber Front Wheel Drive Racing Recumbent

Introducing MAGIC, a carbon fiber front wheel drive racing recumbent bike built by master craftsman and designer John Morciglio in collaboration with Cruzbike.

Carbon Fiber Racing Recumbent Bike - Cruzbike collaboration with John Morciglio

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will this bike be replacing the V20?

A: No. The V20 remains a proven, reliable, and fast, master of the road, and will be in production for a long time.

Q: Is this new CF race bike lighter than the V20?

A: No. It’s hard to get lighter and stronger than the 7075 Aluminum (T4/T6 heat-treated) alloy used in the V20.

Q: Will this new CF race bike be faster than the V20?

A: Yes. According to testing by Larry Oslund, it is significantly more aerodynamic with him as the rider. Everyone will have slightly different results. How it performs in long hilly races is yet to be determined.

Q: Why did Cruzbike collaborate on this project?

A: We love fast bikes and totally believe in the benefits of FWD. John Morciglio has a great track record (pun-intended) for making beautiful and fast bikes, so this project felt like a natural fit.

Q: Does the backrest angle adjust on this CF bike?

A: Yes, and that is just one of many features that make this design interesting.

Q: If I buy one, who will support it?

A: This model must be purchased directly from John Morciglio, and will be supported by him.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Contact John Morciglio at for specifics. He indicated to us that the bike comes as a frameset (including brakes), for $6750. You will need to provide wheels and other components.

Q: How do I learn more about MAGIC?

A: See Larry Oslund’s detailed report and spreadsheets comparing Magic to the V20 and other models.


Cruzbike V20 recumbent racing bike

Compare Cruzbike V20 to MAGIC CF FWD Racing Bike

Photo credit: Larry Oslund


  • Bob Hauser

    Just looked at Marco’s home built “Rev”. It is where road recumbents should be of could have been if they UCI legal. Very inspiring designs.

  • PhillyJoe

    Incredible machines. I’ve added them to my Christmas list for 2022. Watch out West River Drive and HHI!

  • Bill Wightman

    I think that if John Morciglio and Marco Ruga could team up together somehow there would be not a linear sum of their talents but something more like MAGIC^2. A weight/aero optimized blend of Morciglio MAGIC, Arrowhead and Marco Ruga REV HTH with of course FW MMB could be MAGIC^2. The two designer/builders are certainly leaders in this field. My two cents.

  • Mark Cosma

    This is a very interesting and intriguing bike. It would great to get a team of these to take on the world!

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